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Android in-app purchases¶

Godot engine has integrated GooglePaymentsV3 module with which we can implement in-app purchases in our game.

The Godot engine demo project repository has an android-iap example project. It includes a gdscript interface for android IAP.

Find the script in

Add it to the Autoload list and name it as IAP so that we can reference it anywhere in the game.

Getting the product details¶

When starting our game, we will need to get the item details from Google such as the product price, description and localized price string etc.

We can use the IAP details to display the title, price and/or description on our shop scene.

Check if user purchased an item¶

When starting our game, we can check if the user has purchased any product. YOU SHOULD DO THIS ONLY AFTER 2/3 SECONDS AFTER YOUR GAME IS LOADED. If we do this as the first thing when the game is launched, IAP might not be initialized and our game will crash on start.

Google IAP policy says the game should restore the user’s purchases if the user replaces their phone or reinstalls the same app. We can use the above code to check what products the user has purchased and we can make our game respond accordingly.

Simple Purchase¶

We can put this purchase logic on a product’s buy button.

We can also implement other signals for the purchase flow and improve the user experience as you needed.

purchase_fail — When the purchase is failed due to any reason

purchase_cancel — When the user cancels the purchase

purchase_owned — When the user already bought the product earlier

Consumables and Non-Consumables¶

There are two types of products — consumables and non-consumables. Consumables are purchased and used, for eg: healing potions which can be purchased again and again. Non-consumables are one time purchases, for eg: Level packs.

Google doesn’t have this separation in their dashboard. If our product is a consumable, and if a user has purchased it, it will not be available for purchase until it is consumed. So we should call the consume method for our consumables and don’t call consume for your non-consumables.

If our game has only consumables, we don’t have to do this. We can set it to consume the item automatically after a purchase.

If our game has only non-consumables, we can

We should set the auto consume value only once when the game starts.


If we add a gmail id as a tester in Google dashboard, that tester can purchase items and they will not be charged. Another way to test IAP is using redeem codes generated by us for our game because the purchase flow is the same.

Third way of testing is in development side. If we put the product ids as shown below, we will get a static fixed response according to the product id. This is a quick way of testing things before going to the dashboard.

  • android.test.purchased
  • android.test.canceled
  • android.test.refunded
  • android.test.item_unavailable

© Copyright 2014-2020, Juan Linietsky, Ariel Manzur and the Godot community (CC-BY 3.0) Revision 6605cd8f .

Android — in app purchase android

Android In-App Billing v3 Library

This is a simple, straight-forward implementation of the Android v3 In-app billing API.

It supports: In-App Product Purchases (both non-consumable and consumable) and Subscriptions.

You project should build against Android 2.2 SDK at least.

Add this Android In-App Billing v3 Library to your project:

  • If you guys are using Eclipse, download latest jar version from the releases section of this repository and add it as a dependency
  • If you guys are using Andro >
  • Open the Andro >
  • Create instance of BillingProcessor class and implement callback in your Activity source code. Constructor will take 3 parameters:
    • Context
    • Your License Key from Google Developer console. This will be used to verify purchase signatures. You can pass NULL if you would like to skip this check (You can find your key in Google Play Console -> Your App Name -> Services & APIs)
    • IBillingHandler Interface implementation to handle purchase results and errors (see below)
  • Call purchase method for a BillingProcessor instance to initiate purchase or subscribe to initiate a subscription:

Without a developer payload:

With a developer payload:

IMPORTANT: when you provide a payload, internally the library prepends a string to your payload. For subscriptions, it prepends «subs:\

:» , and for products, it prepends «inapp:\

:\ :» . This is important to know if you do any validation on the payload returned from Google Play after a successful purchase.

With a bundle of extra parameters:

Use these methods if you want to pass extra parameters, as documented here, you can provide a Bundle object.

Please note that this feature is only available if the target device is support the version 7 of the In App billing API.

That’s it! A super small and fast in-app library ever!

And don’t forget to release your BillingProcessor instance!

Instantiating a BillingProcessor with late initialization

The basic new BillingProcessor(. ) actually binds to Play Services inside the constructor. This can, very rarely, lead to a race condition where Play Services are bound and onBillingInitialized() is called before the constructor finishes, and can lead to NPEs. To avoid this, we have the following:

Testing In-app Billing

Here is a complete guide. Make sure you read it before you start testing

Check Play Market services availability

Before any usage it’s good practice to check in-app billing services availability. In some older devices or chinese ones it may happen that Play Market is unavailable or is deprecated and doesn’t support in-app billing.

Simply call static method BillingProcessor.isIabServiceAvailable() :

Please notice that calling BillingProcessor.isIabServiceAvailable() (only checks Play Market app installed or not) is not enough because there might be a case when it returns true but still payment won’t succeed. Therefore, it’s better to call isOneTimePurchaseSupported() after initializing BillingProcessor :

or call isSubscriptionUpdateSupported() for checking update subscription use case:

Consume Purchased Products

You can always consume made purchase and allow to buy same product multiple times. To do this you need:

Restore Purchases & Subscriptions

Getting Listing Details of Your Products

To query listing price and a description of your product / subscription listed in Google Play use these methods:

As a result you will get a SkuDetails object with the following info included:

To get info for multiple products / subscriptions on one query, just pass a list of product ids:

where arrayListOfProductIds is a ArrayList containing either IDs for products or subscriptions.

As a result you will get a List which contains objects described above.

Getting Purchase Transaction Details

As a part or 1.0.9 changes, TransactionDetails object is passed to onProductPurchased method of a handler class. However, you can always retrieve it later calling these methods:

As a result you will get a TransactionDetails object with the following info included:

Getting Purchase History

You can request most recent purchases using getPurchaseHistory method. Pass required type as «inapp» for one-time purchases and «subs» for subscriptions or use Constants.PRODUCT_TYPE_MANAGED and Constants.PRODUCT_TYPE_SUBSCRIPTION respectively.

As a result you will get a List of BillingHistoryRecord objects with following fields:

Please keep in mind that this API requires billing API of version 6 or higher, so you should check if it is supported beforehand:

Handle Canceled Subscriptions

Call bp.getSubscriptionTransactionDetails(. ) and check the purchaseInfo.purchaseData.autoRenewing flag. It will be set to False once subscription gets cancelled. Also notice, that you will need to call periodically bp.loadOwnedPurchasesFromGoogle() method in order to update subscription information

Promo Codes Support

You can use promo codes along with this library. Promo codes can be entered in the purchase dialog or in the Google Play app. The URL will launch the Google Play app with the promo code already entered. This could come in handy if you want to give users the option to enter a promo code within your app.

Protection Against Fake «Markets»

There are number of attacks which exploits some vulnerabilities of Google’s Play Market. Among them is so-called Freedom attack: Freedom is special Android application, which intercepts application calls to Play Market services and substitutes them with fake ones. So in the end attacked application thinks that it receives valid responses from Play Market.

In order to protect from this kind of attack you should specify your merchantId , which can be found in your Payments Merchant Account. Selecting Settings->Public Profile you will find your unique merchantId

WARNING: keep your merchantId in safe place!

Then using merchantId just call constructor:

Later one can easily check transaction validity using method:

P.S. This kind of protection works only for transactions dated between 5th December 2012 and 21st July 2015. Before December 2012 orderId wasn’t contain merchantId and in the end of July this year Google suddenly changed orderId format.

The necessary proguard rules are already added in the library. No further configurations are needed.

The contents in the consumer proguard file contains:

Copyright 2014 AnjLab

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the «License»); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an «AS IS» BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.

Suvitruf’s Blog :: Gamedev suffering

Блог о разработке игр и серверных технологиях

Andro > 8 комментариев

Много раз уже просили написать статью о том, как в приложении реализовать платное отключение рекламы. Вообще, реализовать рекламу легко, по In-app так же есть куча информации в официальной документации. Ну, если кому-то всё же статья пригодится, то хорошо.

In-App Purchase представляет собой сервис покупки виртуальных товаров внутри приложения (например игровой валюты, новых уровней и т.д.). Применяется он в основном в играх, в тех случаях, когда встает вопрос о необходимости заработка на своем творении.

В данной статье рассмотрю как можно использовать In-App Purchase для отключения рекламы в своём приложении.

Реклама в приложении

В принципе, можно взять любую площадку. Возьмём, к примеру AdMob. Я для удобства обычно подобные вещи в обёртки запихиваю, чтобы при смене площадки, если потребуется, почти ничего не пришлось менять. Обёртки для рекламной площадки должны реализовывать интерфейс:

Тогда обёртка для AdMob будет выглядеть примерно так:

Тогда инициализация рекламы будет такой:

При такой реализации в случае смены площадки, мы просто создадим инстанс другого класса. Для работы вам нужен лишь ID_приложения. который получите после создания в приложения в админке Admob.

In-app purchasing или внутренние платежи в приложениях

Для того, чтобы работать с системой покупок необходим файл IMarketBillingService.aidl. Лежит он в /user/android-sdk-linux/extras/google/play_billing директории с SDK. Положить файлик надо в пакет вашего приложения.

О типах покупок можно почитать тут. Нас интересую восстанавливаемые покупки, то есть те, что привязываются к аккаунту и повторно их уже не купить. Если вы удалите приложение и постановите заново, то покупка будет восстановлена. В нашем случае, после покупки отключения рекламы, реклама больше не будет беспокоить пользователя. Это касается и других устройств: если пользователь залогиниться на другом устройство под своим аккаунтом, то в приложение будет восстановлена покупка и реклама будет отключена.

Для работы необходимо добавить разрешение в AndroidManifest.xml: .

Очень помогает официальная документация и пример из SDK.

Необходимо определить ключик в приложении — PublicKey, полученный при регистрации аккаунта на Android Market

Определяем IabHelper и инициализируем. Если удачно, то пытаемся восстановить покупки.

mGotInventoryListener — слушатель для восстановления покупок.

Теперь надо, собственно, саму покупку реализовать:

SKU_ADS_DISABLE — идентификатор товара, который вы создали в адмике Google Play. mPurchaseFinishedListener — слушатель:

Стоит отдельно поговорить о методе по верификации:

Сейчас нет никакой проверки покупок, но в реальном приложении вы должны сверять полученные данные с той сгенерированой строкой, что вы отправили в запросе на покупку. Проверять это надо на своём стороннем сервере. Для обычно приложения или офф-лайн игры это может и не критично, но для он-лайн игры это очень важно.

В принципе всё, теперь при запуске приложения просиходит проверка настроек (куда мы сохранили, что отключили рекламу):

После чего реклама уже не будет показываться.

Тестирование покупок

Сейчас довольно удобно тестировать своё приложение. Можно залить .apk как альфа/бета версию и опубликовать. При этом можно назначить группу в Google+, которая будет иметь возможность к тестированию. Если вы публикуете альфа или бета версию приложения, то в маркете она не появится, иметь доступ будет только эта группа.

Тестеры смогут осуществлять покупки. Деньги будут списываться без комиссии и будут возвращены после 15 минут после покупки. Так что, не беспокойтесь. Вот только у вас не получится протестировать приложение, если ваш аккаунт на устройстве и аккаунт издателя один и тот же =/

Полностью рабочий пример можете форкнуть с гитхаба.

Android Consumable In-app Purchases


Consumable Managed Products are products that can be bought multiple times such as in-game currency, game lives, power-ups, etc.

In this example, we are going to implement 4 different consumable managed products «item1», «item2», «item3», «item4» .

Steps in summary:

  1. Add the In-app Billing library to your project (AIDL File).
  2. Add the required permission in AndroidManifest.xml file.
  3. Deploy a signed apk to Google Developers Console.
  4. Define your products.
  5. Implement the code.
  6. Test In-app Billing (optional).

Step 1:

First of all, we will need to add the AIDL file to your project as clearly explained in Google Documentation here.

IInAppBillingService.aidl is an Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL) file that defines the interface to the In-app Billing Version 3 service. You will use this interface to make billing requests by invoking IPC method calls.

Step 2:

After adding the AIDL file, add BILLING permission in AndroidManifest.xml :

Step 3:

Generate a signed apk, and upload it to Google Developers Console. This is required so that we can start defining our in-app products there.

Step 4:

Define all your products with different productID, and set a price to each one of them. There are 2 types of products (Managed Products and Subscriptions). As we already said, we are going to implement 4 different consumable managed products «item1», «item2», «item3», «item4» .

Step 5:

After doing all the steps above, you are now ready to start implementing the code itself in your own activity.


Step 6:

After implementing the code, you can test it by deploying your apk to beta/alpha channel, and let other users test the code for you. However, real in-app purchases can’t be made while in testing mode. You have to publish your app/game first to Play Store so that all the products are fully activated.

More info on testing In-app Billing can be found here.

10 Apps to Hack In-App Purchase for Android

Nov 12,2020 • Filed to: Android Tips • Proven solutions

To hack in-app purchase on Android there are many apps which are available in the market. The main reason behind the idea is the fact that not even a single penny is spent for purchasing items in Android games. The apps which work to hack in-app purchase on Android are the ones which work on rooted handsets. It is important that the users are always given a complete picture of the installation so that they get ready to root their handsets. Here are 10 apps to get in-app purchase for Android.

1. TG Hack

The best part of this app is that it is regularly updated. It will make sure that the best and the most advanced hacking techniques are always provided to the users regardless of their handsets. It is completely free to use and download.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.0

2. Creehack

To get in-app purchase free this app requires no root at all and therefore it means a lot to the android users. Even without the root it is important to note that the app works with same effectiveness and provides same level of competency.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.9

3. Freedom

This is another “hacking apps for android” mechanism that can be used without any root. However the developers recommend the use with root so it works with full efficiency. The app has easy to use interface and therefore highly recommended. For hacking apps for android games this app is highly functional. Just like its name it gives complete freedom to the users to get all they want while playing awesome games.

Price: Free

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The best part of iSkysoft Toolbox — Android Root is that the users can apply the mechanism with full confidence. There is no need of any technical knowhow of android to get going with the process. The self-help guides and online support is readily available to make sure that the program works at its very best. The developers of the program release continuous updates to make sure that the best and the most advanced version is maintained. The user reviews about the app are highly rated and it is all because of intuitive design and state of the art working.

  • Unlike other apps in the market that can lead to software disruption this app is highly functional and 100% secure and safe to use.
  • The latest release of android i.e. Android 7.0 has also been included which makes it the most advanced program in the market.
  • The data of the user is never compromised when the root permissions are being accessed by the device. It means 100% privacy and results.
  • A large number of android devices of all genres are supported by the program. The current support count is 7000+ devices and more being added.

4. Lucky Patcher

It is used to hard android games without root. The rating of this app shows that how cool it is for hacking all in app purchases. The app usage is though a bit technical but it is still highly recommended to all. The working of the app is classy and it means confirm working. It is the best game hacker app for android. Lucky Patcher is one of the first in app purchase hack mechanism that was developed to make the lives of android gamers easy.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.8

5. LeoPlay Card

The app has been highly rated as it works on its own. There is minimum interference needed and the in app purchases are hacked within no time. The app is faster than the many others of same genre so it is highly regarded by the users. It is highly functional idea for hacking apps for android games.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.4

6. Cheat Droid

This app also works very fine to ensure that the in app purchases for sure. There are many issues which are resolved by this app so it is highly rated by the users. The working is fast and reliable. The only issue is that this app requires root permissions to work.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.0

7. AppSara

This in-app purchase hacker for android is not at all renowned and therefore the rating is not the final one. However it works very fine and therefore it allows the users to overcome the in app purchases mechanism that arouses most of the game players. The app is very easy to use and therefor highly recommended.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.9

8. Uret Patcher

The in-app purchase hacker for android functionality is not what some users might think and therefore it is not recommended. The app at times fails to hack in-app purchase resulting in process restart which is really frustrating for some users. The app has easy to use interface which is the only plus point it has so far.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5

9. XModgames

This root app is dedicated to the game lovers as the name suggests that it is dedicated to hack the in app purchases of all the games of playstore. It works perfectly fine and therefore it is highly recommended by top android gamers. This app can be regarded as the king of in app purchase hacks. The rating and the work is does says it all.

Price: Free

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10. Game CIH

The Game CIH is also dedicated to all the games that are available on the playstore. The best part is that the app is too easy to use and requires no tech proficiency. It is highly rated for superb working. The Game CIH has been developed to ensure that all android avid gamers get the in app purchases without any issue and hassle.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.4

Disclaimer :
This article is just for information purpose only and iSkysoft will not take any responsibility for the illegal activities done by you after reading this article. We neither endorses nor condones any illegal activity that may be performed on your phone after installing any of the above apps or rooting your device.

Implement In-app Purchase Version 3 | Andro > Android&nbsp

To download the code, login with one of the following social providers.

Be patient. we are fetching your source code.



In-app Purchase Version 3 (IAP V3) makes it easier to integrate In-app Purchase into your android app. There are number of features includes in this version to improved APIs to track ownership of consumable goods, synchronous purchase flow and local caching of in-app purchase data. It also known as Google play In App billing.

Follow the below steps to implement In-app Purchase or Google play In App billing system into your Android app:

Step 1 Create Application

Create an Android project and add billing permission to your Android project’s manifest file.

Step 2 Export signed apk file

Export signed apkfile as per below image.

Step 3 InAppPurchase Products

Upload signed apk to Google Play Store Developer Console and add desired In App Purchase products.

Step 4 Add Products

Add New Product in your play store admin console. There are 3 types of products you can purchase on Android via IAP, such as Managed Products, Unmanaged Products & Subscription.

4.1 Managed Product

Managed items that can be purchased only once per user account on Google Play.

4.2 Unmanaged Products

Unmanaged products are not managed by Google Play. You are responsible for managing the transaction information and cannot query Google Play to retrieve transaction.

As we can see in the screenshot, from IAP V3 – Google has removed unmanaged products, if you want to have unmanaged product, you can rather treat it as managed consumable product.

4.3 Subscription

Subscription let you sell content, services or features in your app with automated, recurring billing.

Step 5 Download Android Billing Library

Download Latest Android Billing Library that is also known as Google Market Billing.

Step 6 Import Sample Project

Browse through the path given below and import the TrivialDrive Project in Eclipse/ ADT.

Step 7 Import TrivalDriveSample Project

Import TrivialDriveSample Project into Eclipse/ ADT.

Step 8 Get util Package

Copy and Paste util package in your project. You can rename this package name if you wish.

Step 9 Get Billing Package

Copy and Paste billing package in your project.

Make sure you don’t rename billing package.

This is how your project structure should look like.

Step 10 file

Now we will move towards coding portions for this project. Check file in the project given along with this blog.

Over here in onCreate method we are doing setup for in app purchase service (check step 11 to get your base64EncodedPublicKey)

Step 11 License Key

Copy License key from Android Developer Console.

Step 12 QueryInventoryFinishedListener

Implementing code for Query Inventory Finished Listener.

Monitor premiumPurchase to check that IAP is already subscribed or Purchased or none.

Step 13 launchPurchaseFlwo() method

Purchase flow call onClick event of button or view. Simple one time purchase call

Subscribe flow call onClick event of button or view for subscribe. Subscribe flow

Purchase flow call onClick event of button or view. Multiple time purchase call

Along with the in finish listener with following code

Step 14 OnlabPurchaseFinishedLisenter

With OnIabPurchaseFinishedListener do whatever you want when purchase finish successfully or unsuccessfully.

Step 15 OnConsumerFinishedLisetener

OnConsumeFinishedListener for multiple time buy same item.

Step 16 VerifyDeveloperPayload() method

Verify payload of the purchase flow

Step 17 Get result of IAPHandler

I hope you found this blog helpful while Implementing In-App Purchase Version 3 in Android. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding Android, please put a comment here and we will get back to you ASAP.

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[Tutorial] Google Play Billing: In-app purchases.

In this tutorial, I would like to share my knowledge about the integration of Google Play Billing Service.

We will create a simple andro >Developer Console and implement in-app products purchases.

1. Preparing

1.1. Create a new project and add dependencies to the gradle module app:

1.2. Connect it with Developer Console

Steps are the following:

Build signed apk → → All Applications → Create Application → Enter the Title and Create.

Then skip adding Product Details and select the App Releases tab from the left → Scroll down till Internal test track, choose it → Create Release → Upload signed apk → Save → Review

If you haven’t used an internal test yet, probably you will have a warning after Reviewing.

If you have this warning click App Release → Scroll Down till Internal test track → Manage → Add at least one tester (f.e. yourself) → Add a Feedback Email address or URL → Click Save

Then we are going to the In-app products tab from the left side.

And click Create managed product

The most important part here is Product >Product >

Fill in all necessary fields. Don’t forget to enable Active Status.

I’ve created 2 products with >get_5_coins and get_10_coins

Fill in all remaining fields to publish your application.

Tip: For Store listing , you can use a placeholder for banners and screenshots now. Useful website:

In Content rating, you should mark this point as ‘yes’. Others according to your app, for me it’s ‘no’

When you solve all grey-colored steps, you will see that the app is ready for publication.

Go to App Releases → Closed track → Edit Release → Add From Library → Choose apk → Save → Review → Start rollout to alpha.

We finish with preparing!

While the application is under processing in Google Play we will finish continuing with coding.

2. Let’s Kotlin.

2.1. Let’s create layouts:

2.2. After that, we will create an adapter to show in-app products:

We have prepared everything you need, there is only one thing — the activity, where everything will happen. This part we will analyze in more detail:

2.3. Firstly we need to setupBillingClient(), put it in onCreate() method

2.4. We have a button in layout in the point 2.1., let’s implement click handling:

Pay attention to skuList.

SkuList is the list of product ID, which we’ve added in Developer Console:

and the type is BillingClient.SkuType.INAPP.

2.5. Now after click to the button we should receive a json and put it in our adapter:

2.6. Our Activity or Fragment should implement PurchasesUpdatedListener,

with onPurchasesUpdated function. Make it.

2.7. And now we can check the result:

After Clicking on Load Products, we will see in the logcat:

The list should be loaded and shown

Tip #0: if you received instead of zero some other value, you can your search problem here:

After clicking on some option, you will see buying dialog:

Tip #1: if you see something like that:

The item you requested is not available for purchase.

Firstly, let’s check that your account was added in testing list for this app and you’re approved

Find in Developer Console App Releases → Alpha → Manage testers → Find Opt-in URL and open it to approve that you’re tester.

Tip #2: If you use emulator, google understand that you’re tester, and provide for your whole purchase testing workflow automatically.

3. Let’s configure for your needs

Let’s decide what kind of purchases you need: one-time or that you can make constantly. By default, all purchases are one-time. And if you need to make it so that coins can be bought many times you need to clear the purchase every time after a successful purchase.

After tapping on 1-Tap Buy and successful buying if you wanna to buy the same item the second time you will receive: Response code 7 in onPurchasesUpdated. It means: Item Already Owned.

Now you have 2 options to clear purchases:

3.1. Very Dangerous. Don’t use it if you’re not understand what will happen

You can click Clear Cache in Google Play Store app

or from command line:

clear cache adb shell pm clear

3.2. Save method. Use it!

Just call this method in your app, to clear all in-app purchase tokens

As a result you will see something like this in logcat:

onPurchases Updated consumeAsync, purchases token removed: $yourToken

3.3. If you need make in-app purchases reusable, just clean it after each success buying

In App Purchase

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Быстро, бесплатно и безопасно для ваших данных!

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Дата публикации: 2012-11-27

Последняя версия: 1.2


Требования: Android 1.6+

In App Purchase

Обновлено: 2020-08-29

Требуется Android: Android 1.6+ (Donut, API 4)

Подпись: 30b5fcd43306310528fcbb463605f512f7d90c8b

DPI: 160dpi

Arch: universal

Файл SHA1-хэша: 39d8c45f0314e17d90e9c1e296e30239280207e7

How to Hack Free In-App Purchases on Andro >

Are you looking for a way to free in-app purchases on Android? Or maybe you are interested in buying premium gems and coins for free by hacking in-app purchases? Here you will learn how to free in-app purchases on Android games and apps.

We all know that Android mobile OS is open source, very easy to modify, and best known for customizability. This operating system allows anyone to download and install paid apps for free. And similarly, you can free the in-app purchases to buy premium items without spending a penny. All you really need is a rooted Android device and a hacking app. Continue reading to learn how…

There are numerous apps designed for Android developed with an aim to help you get in-game purchases for free so that you can buy coins, gems, special items, power-ups, and other premium items for absolutely free. Which is awesome.

So, here in this article, I am going to show you how to hack in-app purchases and which are the most reliable apps that you can use to free in-app purchases on your favorite games or any other Android apps to buy paid items for free.

But, before we dig further into the tutorial, I would like to give you a basic idea of what type of games and apps you should expect the provided hacking tools to help you in making free in-app purchases.

There are two main kinds of games/apps for Android:

  1. Online, which simply do not work without the Internet and your data are stored on the developer’s game server (like Clash of Clans).
  2. Offline, which do not require Internet connectivity and your data is stored on your own device (like Temple Run).

As you may have guessed already, you will only be able to hack in-app purchases of those apps and games that work offline because all the data is stored locally on your own device, which makes it easy to hack and manipulate the in-app purchases.

Now, as you have understood the working, we can now move onto the hacking apps that allow you to hack the in-app purchases and buy in-game items and gems for free.

Apps You Can Use To Free In-App Purchases on Android

There are a number of working hacking apps you can use on Android that allows you to hack and make free in-app purchases in most of the compatible apps and games. Those in-app purchases hacking apps are:

  1. Lucky Patcher,
  2. Freedom.

Detailed step-by-step tutorial on how you can use each of the above-mentioned apps to free in-app purchases on Android are available below.

Please remember that there are cases when a particular app or game is unable to be patched by the Lucky Patcher app. This is when I will recommend you to try hacking the same game using the Freedom app because maybe that game is compatible with the Freedom.

How To Use Lucky Patcher To Free In-App Purchases on Android?

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to download, install, and use Lucky Patcher to free in-app purchases on Android:

NOTE: To make this tutorial easy to understand, I have divided this Lucky Patcher guide into 3 phases i.e. installation, patching, and usage.

Phase 1 – Installation Of Lucky Patcher

This phase will teach you how to install Lucky Patcher on your Android phone/tablet device:

Step 1 – Download Lucky Patcher from here directly to your Android device, because it is not available on the Play Store.

Step 2 – Once downloaded, tap on the Lucky Patcher APK file to start the installation process.

Tap on the “Install” button.

Step 3 – You will get an “Install blocked” warning message that says, “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources.”

This happens whenever you install any app that is downloaded from third-party sources. To be able to install the app, you need to tap on the “Settings” button.

Step 4 – Now, a “Security” section will be opened automatically. In the list, find the option “Unknown sources” and tap on it to temporarily enable the installation.

Step 5 – The moment you tap on the Unknown sources, a popup window will appear with a message that says, “Installing from unknown sources may be harmful to your device and personal data. By tapping OK, you agree that you are solely responsible for any damage to your device or loss of data that may result from using these applications.”

Since you already know what are you installing is safe, first, make sure that the “Allow this installation only” option is enabled, and then tap on the OK button.

Step 6 – Lucky Patcher will now show you a list of permissions it needs access to. Simply tap on the “Install” button.

Step 7 – It will begin installing the app on your device.

Step 8 – Once installed, you will see a message that says, “App installed.”

Tap on the “Done” button.

Phase 2 – Patching Apps/Games For Free In-App Purchases With Lucky Patcher

In this phase, you will learn how to patch apps and games and get free in-app purchases on Android using Lucky Patcher:

Step 9 – Launch Lucky Patcher app and within a few moments, it will ask you to grant Superuser request.

Tap on the “Grant” button.

Step 10 – Wait for a while until Lucky Patcher completes the loading process of the apps installed on your Android device.

Step 11 – Once the scanning and loading process has been completed, Lucky Patcher will show you a list of all the apps that are installed on your phone.

Step 12 – Now, scroll the list until you find the app/game you want to free in-app purchases and then tap on the app name to open the menu. To show you how it actually works, here I am hacking Collage+ app.

From the list of options, tap on the “Open Menu of Patches” button.

Step 13 – A new popup window will open.

Tap on the “Support patch for InApp and LVL emulation”.

Step 14 – Now, another window will open with several checkboxes. By default, two boxes should be already marked. If not, then please make sure that these two options are marked:

  • Support patch for LVL emulation.
  • Support patch for InApp emulation.

Then tap on the “Apply” button.

Step 15 – Lucky Patcher will now begin the patching process:

…then it will analyze the patching results:

And…finally, the patch results along with the success percentage will be shown:

Don’t stress much about the percentage shown in the results because the app I am trying to patch here is successfully patched and I managed to free in-app purchases.

Check the next phase where I show you how I get paid in-app purchases for free. ��

Phase 3 – Free In-App Purchases Using Lucky Patcher?

In this third and the last phase, you will see how I get free in-app purchases of the app I patched in the previous phase using Lucky Patcher:

Step 16 – As you can see in the screenshot below, one of the picture collages for Thanksgiving Day is locked. I can install it but cannot use it unless I pay for it via in-app purchases.

Since I have patched this version of the app, I must be able to get that collage for free without paying anything. So, I tapped on the menu button to find an option to purchase it.

Step 17 – Then I tap on the “Buy Now” button.

Step 18 – Since this frame is locked and there are several other frames and collage in this category, so the app offered me a bundle option too.

But here, for the sake of this tutorial, I am trying to get only one frame so I will tap on the “Buy Now” button.

Step 19 – This is exactly the point where Lucky Patcher will intervene the purchase process and help you get that in-app purchases item for free.

There are several options but don’t select anything on the popup window and simply tap on the “Yes” option.

Step 20 – Now, wait for the Lucky Patcher to perform its magic and make you lucky. After a moment… This is what I see:

Voila! I got that collage frame without paying a single cent. ��

See the above screenshot. Did you notice how that “lock” icon is gone? Now, I can use that collage frame for my pictures.

How To Use Freedom To Free In-App Purchases on Android

This guide is for Freedom app. Here you will learn about how to download, install, and use Freedom app to hack in-app purchases and get in-game premium items for free on any Android device:

NOTE: As compared to the Lucky Patcher app mentioned above, you will find that the usage of Freedom app is much simpler and easier.

Step 1 – Download Freedom app from here to your Android device. Because of the nature of this app, it is not available on the Play Store so you need to rely on third-party sources.

Step 2 – Install the app on your Android device.

The app installation process is similar to the one I mentioned for Lucky Patcher above, so I don’t think it is necessary to rewrite the whole process here. Even though the installation procedure is simple, in case you don’t know how to install, simply scroll up and follow the “Phase 1 of Lucky Patcher”. I am waiting… ��

Okay, let’s move onto the next step.

Step 3 – Launch Freedom app and it will ask you to grant Superuser access.

Tap on the “Grant” button to allow access.

Step 4 – You will now see a “Please wait…” message. So, you need to wait for a while until Freedom scans your phone/tablet and generates a list of apps that could be hacked for free in-app purchases.

Step 5 – Once the list has been generated. Scroll and find the app you want to hack the in-app purchases of and then tap on it.

Step 6 – In this tutorial, I am going to use the Freedom app to hack the in-app purchases of the popular game Temple Run. So, once you tap on the app name, Freedom will then start the patching process and will ask you to wait.

Step 7 – As soon as the game/app is patched, Freedom will automatically launch it so that you can do the purchases.

Step 8 – You can then navigate straight to the in-game store to purchase special items, coins, or gems.

As you can see in the screenshot above, I already have 2,737 coins in my account. Now, I will buy 200,000 coins.

Step 9 – Tapping on the buy now button opens the Google Play popup window where you can see that a FreeCard credit card is already added, which is how a patch by the Freedom app works. And it is important to note here that I don’t even have any payment method connected to my Play Store account.

As you can see, the purchase of 200,000 coins for Temple Run is going to cost the US $19.99. However, I will be able to buy it for free. To proceed with the purchase, I tap on the “BUY” button.

Step 10 – The Google Play In-App purchases window showed a “Payment successful” message.

Step 11 – Within a few seconds, I saw a toast message that says, “Added 200000 coins!” and my Temple Run account immediately received those coins.

Did you see how it works without a flaw? That’s how easy it actually is to hack in-app purchases on Android with Freedom.

Hope you get some Free Rewards

I hope you have now learned about how simple it really is to free the in-app purchases on your favorite games and apps. Keep in mind, because these in-app purchases hacking apps are advanced, they require you to have a rooted Android phone/tablet device to help you free in-app purchases.

Did you manage to hack the in-app purchases of your favorite game? Which of the app helped you the most in making the free in-app purchases? Have you tried any other in-app hacking app?

Share your experiences with me in the comments section below. ��

5 приложения, чтобы помочь вам получить бесплатно In-App Purchase на Android без Root

Andro >Samsung Root
  • 1. Samsung Root
  • 2. Корень Samsung Galaxy S3
  • 3. Корень Samsung Galaxy S4
  • 4. Корень Samsung Galaxy S5
  • 5. Корень Samsung Galaxy S6
  • 6. Корень Samsung G900v
  • 7. Корень Примечание 4 на 6.0
  • 8. Корень Samsung Note 2
  • 9. Корень SM N9005
  • 10. Корень Примечание 5
  • 11. Корень SM G900F
  • 12. Корень Samsung Tablet
  • 13. Корень GT i9500
  • 14. Корень GT N7100
  • 15. Корень Samsung G935F
  • 16. Корень Samsung G900H
  • 17. Корень Samsung GT i9505
  • 18. Корень Samsung N7000
  • 19. Корень Примечание 3 на леденец
  • 20. Корень Примечание 3
  • 21. Корень Samsung S7
  • 22. Корень Samsung J7
  • 23. Корень Samsung S2
  • 24. Корневой Samsung S6 Активный
  • 25. Корень Samsung GT S7562
  • 26. Корень Samsung Гранд Премьер
  • 27. Корень Samsung G925f
  • 28. Корень Samsung G920f
  • 29. Корень Samsung Примечание 4

Motorola Root

  • 1. Корень Moto G
  • 2. Корень Moto E
  • 3. Корень Moto X
  • 4. Корневая Motorola Device

LG Root

  • 1. Корневая LG G3
  • 2. Корневая LG G3 Бит
  • 3. Корневая LG G3 D855
  • 4. Корневая LG G4
  • 5. Корень LG LS665
  • 6. LG One Click Root
  • 7. Корень LG без компьютера
  • 8. Корень Лг Леон
  • 9. Корень LG H502
  • 10. Корень LG G5
  • 11. Корень LG L90
  • 12. Корень LG D722
  • 13. Корень LG H222
  • 15. Корень LG D325
  • 16. Корень LG Stylo
  • 17. Корень LG G4 Бит
  • 18. Корень LG H422
  • 19. Корень LG Volt ls740
  • 20. Корневая LG G3 D850
  • 21. Корень LG D100
  • 22. Корневая LG G2
  • 23. Корень LG K10
  • 24. Корень LG D337
  • 25. Корень LG G4c
  • 26. Корневая LG G4 Stylus

HTC Root

  • 1. Корень HTC
  • 2. Корень HTC One M7
  • 3. Корень HTC One M8
  • 4. Корень HTC One M9
  • 5. Корень HTC Один S
  • 6. Корень HTC 10
  • 7. Корень HTC Desire 510
  • 8. Корень HTC Desire

Nexus Root

  • 1. Корень Nexus 5
  • 2. Корень Nexus 4
  • 3. Корневая Nexus 7
  • 4. Nexus Корень Инструментарий
  • 5. Корень Nexus 6P
  • 6. Корень Nexus 5X
  • 7. Корень Nexus 9
  • 7. Корень Nexus 6

Sony Root

  • 1. Корневая Sony Xperia Z1
  • 2. Корень Sony Xperia Z
  • 3. Корневой Sony Устройство
  • 4. Root Sony M4 Aqua
  • 5. Корень Xperia Z5
  • 6. Корень Xperia E1
  • 7. Корень Xperia М2
  • 8. Корень Xperia E3
  • 9. Корень Xperia Z2
  • 10. Корень Xperia Z3

Huawei Root

  • 1. Корень Huawei
  • 2. Корень Huawei P8
  • 3. Корень Huawei ALE L21
  • 4. Корень Huawei Y360
  • 5. Корень Huawei Р9
  • 6. Корень Huawei Mate 8
  • 7. Корень Huawei G7
  • 7. Корень Huawei G8
  • 8. Корень Huawei Y635
  • 9. Корень Huawei Y550
  • 10. Корень Huawei Y520
  • 11. Корень Huawei P8 Lite
  • 12. Корень Huawei Y6
  • 13. Корень Huawei Y330
  • 14. Корень Huawei G630

ZTE Root

  • 1. Корень ZTE
  • 2. Корень ZTE Z820
  • 3. Корень ZTE Zmax
  • 4. Корень ZTE Blade L2
  • 5. Корень ZTE N817
  • 6. Корень ZTE Maven
  • 7. Корень ZTE Blade l3
  • 8. Корень ZTE V795
  • 9. Корень ZTE Zmax 2
  • 10. Корень ZTE Z812

Zenfone Root

  • 1. Корень Kindle Fire
  • 2. Как к корневым Andro >Корневые Альтернативы
    • 1. KingRoot приложение
    • 2. Root Explorer,
    • 3. Корень Master
    • 4. One Click Инструменты Корневые
    • 5. King Root
    • 6. Один Root
    • 7. папке Vroot
    • 8. Корень APK-
    • 9. Корень Genius
    • 10. CF Auto Root
    • 11. Супер Root APK
    • 12. Альтернативы FramaRoot

    Корневые Топлисты

    • 1. Скрыть приложения без Root
    • Root 2. Free In-App Purchase НЕТ
    • 3. Экран рекордер НЕТ Корень
    • Root 4. Игра Recorder НЕТ
    • 5. Свободный рекордер экрана NO Root
    • 6. Легкий рекордер экрана НЕТ Корень
    • 7. 50 Приложения для коренится пользователя
    • Корень 8. Игра Убийца NO
    • 9. Root Browser
    • 10. Root Uninstaller
    • 11. Wifi Tether для корневых устройств
    • 12. Корневой файловый менеджер
    • 13. Нет Root Firewall
    • 14. Hack Wi-Fi без Root
    • 15. AZ Screen Recorder Альтернативы
    • 16. Кнопка Спаситель Non Root
    • 17. Скрыть Root Access
    • 18. Samsung Apps Корневые
    • 19. Samsung Root Software

Есть миллионы приложений, доступные на игровом магазине Google для загрузки видео, включить музыку или интернет-магазины или любую другую категорию. Эти приложения делают вашу жизнь очень просто, что это действительно так. Эти все приложения не доступны бесплатно. Некоторые приложения нуждаются в вас что-то платить, и некоторые из них бесплатны. Некоторые приложения есть бесплатные и платные обе версии, но с некоторыми ограничениями. Так что если вы хотите купить платные приложения бесплатно, то вы находитесь в правильном месте. Мы расскажем вам о 5 лучших приложений, чтобы помочь вам получить бесплатно в покупке приложения на андроид без корня легко.

Отказ от ответственности: Ну это незаконно, чтобы взломать в покупке приложения, потому что разработчик приложения сделать много усилий и потратить много времени, чтобы разработать одно приложение и приложение является единственным способом их заработка. Эта статья как раз только для информационных целей, и мы берем на себя ответственность за незаконную деятельность сделанного вами после прочтения этой статьи.

1. CreeHack

CreeHack не корень не является андроид приложение позволяет пользователям взломать андроид игры без укоренения андроид мобильные. Это приложение позволяет взломать андроид игры и увеличить ваши монеты, драгоценности и деньги без каких-либо ограничений. Это приложение есть с очень простым пользовательским интерфейсом и позволяет взломать андроид игр легко, без корня. Вы можете легко удивить своих друзей с ведома игр с помощью этого приложения.


• Позволяет увеличить драгоценные камни и золото без каких-либо ограничений.

• Очень маленький размер приложения, поэтому установить быстро и работать быстро.

• Hack в основном в каждой игре.

• Нет корневые игры не взломать приложение.

• Возможность обойти платежи приложений

Ссылка для скачивания:



CreeHack сайт приложения сайт был зарегистрирован до 1 года 9 месяцев назад, и он прекрасно работает и никаких проблем при использовании этого сайта.

dr.fone инструментарий — Andro > Root вашего телефона с одним щелчком мыши.

  • Простой процесс, хлопот бесплатно.
  • Поддерживает более 7000 устройств.
  • Самый высокий показатель успеха в этой отрасли.
  • 100% гарантией безопасности и надежности.

2. AppSara v1.0

AppSara приложение используется для покупок в App и взломать ваш андроид игры для мобильных телефонов, без корня. Это приложение является очень простой в использовании и более чем 50 + андроид игры поддерживаются этим приложением, чтобы взломать андроид приложение покупок. Вы можете проверить список поддерживаемых игр по ссылке, и если вы хотите, чтобы взломать в этих поддерживаемых играх, то вы можете взломать в приложении покупке, без корня легко. Но если вы игра нет в списке поддерживаемых игр, то вам нужно искоренять вам андроид устройство первым.


• Hack в приложение покупок

• Android игры взлом возможен и поддерживает 50+ андроид игр.

• Ни один корень не требуется, чтобы взломать в поддерживаемых играх.

Ссылка для скачивания:



Это приложение является хорошим, но не английская поддержки доступна из приложения.

3. LuckyPatcher

LuckyPatcher приложение также является андроидом приложения для взлома в приложении покупок без укоренения вашего мобильного телефона. Это приложение позволяет вам взломать андроид магазина Google Play и скачать платные приложения на андроид мобильный бесплатно. Вы можете легко удалить лицензию из любого приложения и игры. Существует одна проблема, которая не работает на онлайн-игры, так как взломать онлайн игры вам необходимо взломать сервер онлайн игры, что на самом деле трудно и невозможно.


• Hack в покупке приложения и поддерживает любое приложение для Android, кроме онлайн-игр.

• Позволяет взломать удалить лицензию приложения и игры.

Ссылка для скачивания:



Это приложение является абсолютно худшим, и я смеюсь на человеке, который сделал это потому, что не может открыть его после установки.

4. Лео Playcard

LeoPlay карта является лучшей альтернативой приложение из перечисленных выше приложений. Это приложение отлично работает на многих приложениях, таких как пинбол HD, Дурак и т.д. Существует встроенные бесплатно карты игр доступны в приложении так же, как и CreeHack Лаки Patcher приложение. Вы можете использовать эту встроенную карту на Google Play. Существует еще одна причина, чтобы сказать это приложение лучшее, что она не требует, чтобы вы укоренить андроид мобильные. Существует одна плохая новость о приложении, что теперь это приложение не будет работать на игру «Gunship Battle» из-за измененный механизм безопасности.


• Hack в приложении покупки без какого-либо корня.

• Позволяет обходить любые платежи приложения легко.

• В основном все приложения поддерживаются которые поддерживаются CreeHack и свободы.

• Hack Безлимитный приложения бесплатно.

Ссылка для скачивания:



Согласно описанию приложения они сказали, что она может работать на всех играх, но это не возможно взломать приложение покупок в игре Clash Royale с помощью Лео Playcard.

5. Свобода

Свобода APK также хорошее приложение в категории хака в приложение покупки бесплатно. Это приложение позволяет получить бесплатные монеты, драгоценности, уровень и жизнь бесплатно для и сохранить свои с трудом заработанные деньги. Свобода APK v1.5.3c последняя версия этого приложения. Это приложение также доступно для зефира и других андроид версии. Это приложение может поможет вам купить так много вещей, которые требуют от вас заплатить сумму наличных.


• Возможность взломать приложение покупки бесплатно и без корней, необходимых для.

• Позволяет сэкономить много заработал твердые деньги путем взлома в платных приложениях.

• Позволяет заработать жизни, драгоценность и монету бесплатно для.

• Доступно для андроид зефира, а также.

Ссылка для скачивания:



Этот человек использует это приложение на замок столкновении и пойти покупки успешно, но получить успешно приобрести и они не получили драгоценные камни.

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