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Videohive: Mobile App Promo — Story 2 — The Appres — Project for After Effects

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В Appres-это серия After Effects CS6 шаблоны посвящена всеми видами мобильных приложений. Наша миссия-заменить старый/низкое качество приложения из интернета видео с Appres видео. Наши усилия, чтобы сделать эти шаблоны как можно проще настраивать, так что любой может справиться с ними даже без знания After Effects .

2 телефона: iPhone 5 и Samsung Galaxy Примечание 3
2 цвета: черный и белый
2 видео-версии: 50 секунд, 80 секунд
21 настраиваемые модули, в том числе следующие действия: Откройте приложение с главного экрана (iOS и Android), установить из App Store и Play маркет, для Android и iOS уведомления, слайд 5 фотографий и многое другое
Более 250 икон
Руку и Коснитесь цифровой жесты
Модульная анимация – это означает, что вы можете поставить модули в любом порядке, чтобы придумать абсолютно новый видео
Создано в После влияний CS6
Нет Плагинов Не Требуется
Экспортировать проект в полном разрешении HD
В-глубина видео уроки
Музыка не включается. Вы можете приобрести копию отсюда
Мы предоставляем ссылки на шрифты и картинки мы использовали в окне предварительного просмотра
Анимация пресетов для: экранов, телефонов и кнопок. Это означает, что вы можете создавать все виды анимации для телефонов, экраны могут всплывающие во многом и кнопки могут иметь Гувер эффекты, когда они прослушиваются.
Поддержка видео (вы спросите и мы вернемся к Вам с видео-ответы)

Demo Showcase

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The description of Demo Showcase

Compare peculiarities of all playable ad-formats:
— streaming of an Android version of the game;
— streaming of an iOS version of the game;
— streaming of version of the game;
— short ported to HTML5 version of the Android app.

For getting better user-experience make sure your device is 4.4 and more, has internet connection for viewing demo versions.

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Additional Information

Publish Date: 2015-04-30

Latest Version: 1.0

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Requirements: Android 4.4+

52 Best Mobile App Promo V > by Dom HennequinDecember 13, 2020 June 30, 2020
  • Video Production and Editing

Launching pretty much anything these days requires a video that can be shared online. But, showcasing mobile apps visually presents a unique set of challenges. What makes an app product promo video successful is often how well you put it in context. Which means your video needs to be a mix of showing the app in action, with someone using it, and explaining its features through onscreen text, and possibly a voiceover.

The beauty of a marketplace like Envato is that there’s no need to start filming people using your product from scratch or feel like you need to pay a motion graphics designer to wrap it all together visually. Instead, our video marketplace is full of templates that make it easier than ever to showcase your app, saving time and money.

This list of the 52 best mobile app promo video templates offers something for every type of mobile app. From polished and professional, to restrained and futuristic, to colorful and exciting, this selection is robust. So, scroll through, and odds are you’ll find something on brand for you.

Stylish App Promo Kit by iluzie

If you’ve paid attention to design trends of recent times, this template is on point. It’s bright, on the verge of busy, and features a brash mix of eye-popping colors that somehow find a balance together. The mix of attention-grabbing transitions, animations, and clashy layers of colorful elements find harmony thanks to their proportions in the context of the design as a whole. The main elements, being the iPhone model displaying the app, and the text, are big and really dominate the screen. While the template is eye-catching, it’s your app that will be the ultimate star.

iPromo – App Presentation by Jenivest

Focused, minimal, yet filled with moments of energy, this template is beautiful. It offers dark and light versions of its color scheme, and will more or less make your video look like an Apple commercial. It’s breathtaking.

App presentation by Reflaxess

This smooth, slick template uses soft colors, elegant glass-like transitions, and animations that glide with ease. Modern, and professional looking, it’s a fully realized concept that doesn’t skirt around the edges. It’s eye-catching and attractive.

iPhone Video Mockup by Placeit

If you want the content to be the star, try this simple iPhone video mockup. In this 10-second video, the phone rotates on screen against a neutral background, focusing all the viewer’s attention on what’s on the screen: your beautifully designed mobile app.

Phone App Presentation by MU5T

Similar to the template mentioned earlier, this one is beautifully animated with soft colors and smooth animations. The layouts are very clear, providing a diversity of ways to show off your app, and explain its features in the text.

Phone X – App Presentation by EasyEdit

Mimicking Apple’s current style of graphic design, and featuring the new iPhone X, this template offers an easy way to make your app video fresh and up to date. It works to a refreshing white canvas, and mixes in bright colors, and rounded rectangles, which serve as windows to your app. Along with the iPhone X, you can choose from a number of older iPhone and Samsung models.

Mobile App Website Promotion by ouss

This is a very cute stop-motion style of animation. Featuring bright backgrounds and enthusiastic use of drop shadows, this type of template might actually help you break through on social media because it’s a little different. It’s cute, it’s eye-catching and it features iPhone and Android versions.

Website and App Promo by Videostones

These guys feature a number of different environments you can show your app off in. This one is in a home office setting with iPhones, iPads, and iMacs there to display your app or website. It’s very well done, but I think the impression it makes on your audience is really going to be affected by the speed of the demo and the music you put behind it.

Stylish Mobile App Promo by Videostones

This template feels very of the moment. The glistening lens effect included is attention-grabbing the colors are modern yet neutral, and the pace mixed with this style of music is really captivating. It feels very fresh.

Mobile App Promo by Videostones

A third, and very different concept from these folks. Here we have the iPhone model as usual, but the virtual environment made of colorful squares is very much the star of the show. It’s versatile allowing you to show footage through them. That option mixed with the footage you show on the iPhone model, along with the text creates the illusion of a very fully thought out concept.

Dynamic Mobile App Promo by Videostones

If you’re going for something short and sweet, but that carries a lot of impacts, this is one to consider. Featuring a very convincing iPhone 6 model, cool glitch effects and lens flares, this template feels modern and detailed thanks also to the subtle moving elements that fill it out.

iPhone Web / App Promo by Imocean

Featuring dark colors with restrained color highlights, smooth and purposeful animations of each element, and a very ordered use of text, this template is great for something corporate. If your app is targeted towards businesspeople or professionals this is perfect.

Iphone 6 Flat App Presentation by Rad0n

Simple and elegant, this presentation template is well suited to videos aiming to have the viewer really focus. The animations are very smooth, the model of phone is very much the star of the show, and the background is a neutral dark grey with the text a simple white. Phones are available in black and white. It’s certainly very Apple-inspired.

Promote Your iPhone 6 APP by Dark_Monkey

This package includes one of the most impressive animated iPhone models I’ve seen thus far. You can even customize the logo on the back of it where the Apple logo normally is. Possibly as a result of the effort that went into the 3D iPhone model, the template spends a little too much time showing off the phone model itself rather than the software. But, where it does show off the software, there’s enough of an opportunity to really show what you’re selling. It won’t suit every app, but it’s certainly a great option for something visually breathtaking. And, the phone is offered in a couple of different color variants.

Iphone 6 App Presentation Kit by DREAMYARD_Visuals

Clean and tidy, this app presentation kit by DREAMYARD_Visuals possesses a sense of clarity you should be looking for in an app reel. Thanks to its neutral grey background and blue details on some of the text and the borders of transitions, it feels modern and fresh.

There’s also another very similar version of this with a white background, an Apple Watch, and a couple of different variations of the iPhone to play with.

Iphone 6 UI Presentation by CG-COVER

This iPhone 6 UI presentation template would be a good fit for a luxury audience. With blues and silky blacks in the color schemes, smooth crossfades, and slow moving animations of iPhone models in either black or white, this pack is great quality. You’ll lift your app explainer into a visually stunning and very digestible video with this one.

Modern Mobile Presentation by arleksey

Simple, but stunning, this template’s use of contrast and sparing use of colors will put your app design front and center. The way the iPhone models flip in and out is smooth and swift, creating a unique energy that’s accessible, yet snappy.

Mobi – App Promo Toolkit by AmigoProductions

This template is simple and clean with a bright color palette. It’s bundled with a bunch of great hand gestures which look a little plasticky. But, I think ultimately the effect suits the heightened reality of the rest of the template and distinguishes those elements from your UI.

Quality App Promo by Numerals

This is one of the best-organized app promo templates I’ve seen. It gives you a great structure to work with, offering numerous different ways to show different perspectives of your app. Its color palette is modern and fresh, but neutral enough not to date too quickly. And there’s a real flow to it, meaning the viewer can easily follow along with the information you’re delivering.

Mobile App Promo by highrise

This mobile app promo template is very sharp. The color palette is straightforward, with iPhone models available in three different colors, and animation of those models is swift and eye-catching. It makes the whole template feel snappy.

Phone App Presentation Template by 3uma

It could just be the music in this item preview, but if your app is a medical one you will definitely want to consider this template, and a stock music track like this. Its design is clean and modern. The mix of bright blues on top of the dark blue/greyish environment really makes it feel sleek. This color palette also helps the content on the phone screen stand out. There’s room for a lot of detail in the text, but the layout stops it from being overwhelming.

Цукерберг рекомендует:  Книги - Какую книгу выбрать для изучения JS и jQuery

Tablet Presentation Pack by 3uma

There are a couple of different versions of this one beyond just the tablet presentation pack. It has a minimalistic, modern design and uses circles behind the main text, making it easy for the eye to notice and read. The layouts are very clean and the tablet is animated enough to make your app the focus rather than the design of the 3D phone.

Phone App Presentation Template by 3uma

This phone presentation app is one of the slickest I’ve seen. It’s got a really pulled back rhythm to it, and pairs well with a modern “technology” style music track like the one in the preview. You can pick and choose the images shown in the main presentation, as well as, of course, customize everything shown on the iPhone. The transitions and speed of the animations are incredibly smooth. It establishes a level of elegance that sets it apart.

Mobile App Promo by Dream_motion

This one is really all about the iPhone model. The way it animates has such an energy to it that the whole thing becomes exciting. The rest of the template is very plain which is not necessarily a bad thing. It does, however, mean you’ll have to inject your brand into it which can be as simple as using your company font and color scheme. Plus, hopefully, the images of your app can speak for themselves.

iTheme | Web App Mock-Up Footage by Premiumilk

If you’re going for elegance with a capital ‘E’, consider this one by Premiumilk. If your app can mostly speak for itself, and you’re planning to add a voiceover to it, then this could really work for you. The slow panning around people using iPhones and iPads is shot really well and placed on top of a white background. It’s undeniably Apple-like. And being such, there are clear constraints as to how many things are on the screen at any one time. Mostly it’s just going to be your app, and that’s a great challenge to help you focus your ad.

Wire App Theme Promo by Premiumilk

Now listen, this template is very creative. It’s otherworldly in many ways, but still very warm, colorful and accessible. The only element that will polarize people is the use of red hands for the gestures. It’s not a total dealbreaker, but I’ve got to admit they’re a little hard to get used to. The rest of the template is truly fantastic. It’s colorful, eye-catching, yet maintains a cozy, inviting feel to it. And it gives you a great range of tools to explain whatever it is your app does.

Home Footage Mobile Mockup by Premiumilk

This template gives you a pretty straightforward set of scenarios to put your app in. They’re all made up of stock footage of people using iPhones, iPads, and computers that you can add your app to. It’s all well shot with a soft filter applied. And your app is center stage, meaning it really needs to speak for itself.

Usually, shots like these would make up small elements of a broader ad. So, consider blending this with another template.

New Mobile App Presentation – iOS & Android by digitalproducts669

Let your app step into the spotlight with this bright, colorful and simple template. Featuring an iPhone X model, which isn’t overemphasized, this presentation makes your work the star. It features an impressive balance of imagery and text, as well as playful animations that will make it accessible to most people.

Application Promo Pack by Chechikov

The word to describe this pack would be “friendly”. Featuring smooth animations of both the text and the iPhone models, as well as a neutral color palette. It’s timeless.

Mobile App Phone 6 Presentation by FlyingPillow

The word for this one is “clarity”. With crisp animations and great use of colors and drop shadows, this template draws the eye intuitively to what you want the viewer focusing on. The way the app screenshots animate in partnership with the text is very well thought out. And, the choices available in the layouts on offer make this a fantastic bundle to own.

Prism // App Promo by rigsmotion

If your app is fun and targeted to a younger crowd, this fantastic template will be a great one to check out. It features beautiful combinations of bright colors that can’t help but elicit excitement. Its animations are playful and imaginative. And, it manages to keep things focused and clear when this could easily become too busy.

Smart Watch App Commercial by grey-duck

If you want an Apple Watch ad that more or less looks like it was created by Apple, here it is. At all times the watch face is front and center, with the text revolving around it. Because the actual template is relatively nondescript, and, indeed, very Apple, it’s really on your app demo to do all the talking.

Mobile App Presentation by andreypoleshko

This one’s a little basic, but very fun and quick. If you pick your colors correctly and have an app whose best aspects can be shown off in a pretty quick manner, this could work for you.

Pico // Photo App Promo by rigsmotion

While the iPhone model featured may be dated (it uses an iPhone 5C), this template feels very fresh. Each frame is beautifully animated and laid out. And, even with the older model in use, if you were to use this for your app, it’d come off looking very professional purely by the use of this template.

Dynamic App Promo 2 by DannySkinner

This is a quick energetic commercial that, if executed correctly, can communicate the purpose and value of your app in a quick, concise manner. It’s not super text heavy, so you’ll want your app to do most of the talking. But the flow and layouts ensure the experience of watching this will be a focused exercise.

App Presentation by DannySkinner

This template is a more corporate, text-friendly version of the previous template. It’s slower, with more ease in all the animations, and a great balance of showing off your app on the iPhone model and providing detail in the copy. Paired with the right music, it’ll make for an impressive walkthrough of your app.

Dynamic App Promo by DannySkinner

Super modern with a clean design and great options for customization, this template won’t suit every app but will be a great demo for some. Its most impressive feature is the 3D iPhone model, the detail of which will take your breath away. It possesses an energy and brightness that, if paired with the right music, will really communicate the fun nature of your app.

SmartAds – Smartphone Commercial v2.1 by animland

The color combinations and twirling animations of the iPhone models help the content featured in this template explode off the screen. The brightness of the backgrounds and contrast of the text against them offer an effective way to communicate the features of your app.

Modular App Promo by Pixamins

Light and friendly, this template offers a very “floaty” vibe. It’s a great template for lifestyle apps and will play great to the audience looking for something playful and inspirational. It features a robust set of layouts, a good selection of iPhone colors, animations, and fun, light text animations.

App Presentation Kit by Aquavitae

This template is really gorgeous and modern. The way each section floats on from one to the next is fantastic. The default color scheme is soft but clear. The way different frames of the app float up and swap around is simple and effective. And above all, it’s an intuitive experience for the viewer.

App Presentation by lipovatiyart

The flow of this template is nothing short of beautiful. It’s got a soft nature to it with a fluid sense of movement and animation. There are moments where certain parts of the frame feature lens blur. Even the background and some of the visual effects give off the sense of a liquid-like environment. Using a mix of icons, headings, and body text, the template gives you the opportunity to display information about your app in a clear way. This would definitely be fit if you were wanting your demo to seem modern, professional and really quite breathtaking.

Perspective Mobile App Promo by OVAL

This is a unique way to show off your app. It’s a slower, more gradual app walk-through aided by text bubbles that provide context. It’s very modern and neutral. Your screenshots and app demos will dictate the template’s identity more than anything.

Mobile Presentation Kit by explozed

With a beautiful flow to it, and soft animations and colors, this template comes across as angelic. The smooth flips between sections of the reel feels effortless. There is a robust selection of layouts that feature good opportunity to present your copy describing features of the app. It’s gorgeous but won’t suit everybody.

Modern Mobile Display by Vivec

My guess is the structure of this template is inspired by commercials for the iPhone. The result is something that feels more focused on showing off the 3D iPhone model than the app. That said, if you have a product that can really shine by just being demoed on screen, this could well suit you. Using this template will be more or less like customizing an iPhone, right down to the logo on the back of the phone. If you’re into that idea, this one’s for you.

Phone App Presentation by Lugansky

This is a great option for a business focused app, with its professional color scheme, and straightforward approach to showing off the best functions of the app, text and transitioning between frames. It provides great templates, allows you to change the colors, and, like many of these templates, you can add customer reviews.

Colors – App Promo by Pixrate

This one does a couple of things. It features a treatment of color that’s very in vogue at the moment – really deep and really bright colors – against drop shadows, reminiscent of Google’s material design. But with its use of animated circles forming each background, it sustains an identity of its own. The flow and layouts of this one offer great ways to show off multiple aspects of your app in an intuitive way. Plus, the general look and feel of this are eye-catching and unique. Certainly, one to consider for any modern app wanting a bright, warm and clear way to show it off.

Cosmo l App Promo Kit by Pixrate

Want something futuristic and retro at the same time? Check out this template. It’s got a smooth flow to it and features layouts not dissimilar to many of the others on this list. But blend it with the right music and it carries a punch to it, that creates an energy appealing to a young audience.

Phone X // App Promo Kit by yura_fresh

Featuring the new iPhone X, this app promo kit offers a clean, simple look at an app. In my opinion, the second half of the templates on the white background which are clearly inspired by Apple, are better quality than the first lot. That said, mixing in the first bunch with the second and customizing the color scheme a bit will definitely make a good quality final product.

Minimal App Promo by Turbomonkeys

While I’m not a huge fan of the colors used here as a default, the flow of this template is very nice. It’s soft, minimal and would definitely suit apps focused on wellness, mindfulness and the like. The bunch of layouts included make it easy to explain the best features of your app. And the animations make things easy to follow.

Phone X App Promo by VisualSuperhero

This beautiful app template is colorful but careful in how much it allows on screen in any one frame. It uses transitions and animations between frames that capture the eye. But mostly lets the iPhone X screen showing your app, or a small text box to its side, do the talking. It feels fresh, exciting, and very efficient in its use of space and timing.

Modular App Promo by Hawyar

Although this demo, in my opinion, doesn’t show off the best ways to use the text in this template, or the best font for that matter, it’s still got a very fresh design and a good bunch of layout options. It’s tidy, with a great balance of color and white. And, it provides simple, but clear iPhone animations for you to display your app on. Pick the right music and you’ll have a great app promo.

App Promo Kit X by RwTemplates

This app promo kit features some of the most unique layout and animation options I’ve seen. You can have your screenshot fold out square by square on top of the iPhone X model. You can have multiple screenshots lean out of the phone like a Rolodex. You can even have multiple iPhone Xs crash down in a pile from above if you’d like. These cool animation options, mixed with a soft, professional, and modern template will make it both great quality and fun.

Phone X Promo by Imocean

Bright and fresh, this design, featuring an iPhone X looking model is very current and visually stunning. It’s certain to catch the eye with its bright gradient background that avoids being too overpowering. And the way it lays out your app screenshot with the supporting text makes this all a lovely experience. I highly recommend.


That should give you an idea of the many different ways you can showcase your new app through a product promo video template. We think we’ve included a robust selection of templates to choose from. But, if there’s one not on the list you’d like to suggest, please let us know in the Envato Forums.

Also, now that you hopefully have a template you’re planning to use, you’re going to be looking for a stock music track to go along with it. So, check out this list of the 30 best tracks for a crowdfunding video.

17 Awesome Templates for After Effects to Make a Product Demo Video

When you’ve spent time developing a new app or product, you need a way to grab attention and stand out from the crowd.

Check out the projects in this round-up for exactly that: These easy After Effects projects from Envato Market and Elements are the fastest way to create a product demo video. Just drop in your own screenshots and footage to show off that brand new product you’re making, and get people excited. Make sure to play the previews below to see these projects in action!

3 Top Product Demo Templates for After Effects from Envato Elements (Unlimited Downloads)

On Envato Elements, you can source an unlimited number of video templates for a single flat rate. Let’s look at three of the best product demo templates for Adobe After Effects from Envato Elements.

1. Product Promo

Launching a mobile app or service? This might just be the right option for you. Don’t worry about filming a «top-down» demo of your app in action. Instead, create a screen recording from your device, then drop it into this template.

2. Portfolio Company Promo

Flexible After Effects product templates can be re-used for many products. This one features easy-to-update logo, text, and image placeholders. Add your details, promote your product, and export a great finished promo.

3. Service or Product Promotion Presentation

Many modern businesses sell services instead of products. You still need a way to promote your «product», and that’s where this template can help. Use it to show off your new business and describe your services.

14 Top Product Demo Templates from Envato Market (Pay-as-You-Go)

1. Clear Desktop Presentation Mock-up

For any product that’s designed to run on a desktop computer, this After Effects demo project is a great choice. With a quick zoom and easy-to-drop-in screenshot placeholders, try this one out for your desktop app.

2. App Promo

The App Promo project is perfect for a mobile app showcase. With flashy typography and a placeholder to showcase your app on a mobile device, try this out for your next app launch.

3. Event Promo

Switching gears a bit from pure product demos, this Event Promo project is a good one to get people excited about your launch event. The energy cadence of this project is sure to build suspense for your next product launch.

4. Phone X Promo

Ready to showcase your app with a cut-out for the iPhone X’s notch? Look no further than this easy project. Not only will it show your app on an iPhone mockup, there are pan and zoom effects to really hold the viewer’s attention.

5. Real Estate

Real estate is nearly a special product category of its own. Even if the product sites on an acre of land, you might need to showcase it with a great-looking video. This project is the perfect way to show your property with important data on overlays.

6. The Corporate

This clean cut and simple video template is the perfect choice for your next company video. The Corporate is professional enough to use for companies of any size, and can help you showcase that product launch to your co-workers.

7. iTouch 2 App Promo Mock-Up Kit

iTouch 2 really brings a sense of your app being used in the real world. You can simply drop in a screencast recording of your app and watch in come to life as if it’s in the real-world thanks to this project. No need to hire a videographer: just add your own footage.

8. Professional 3D Device Pack for Element 3D

This footage would feel right at home in an Apple commercial, but that doesn’t mean that you need to hire a video team and Jony Ive to recreate it. Just add your own app footage and you’ll see it animated across a variety of devices.

9. Ultimate App Promo Toolkit

Here’s another great choice for seeing your app rendered beautifully in video footage up to 4k. You can add your own video and create a product demo in no time flat thanks to the Ultimate App Promo Toolkit.

10. Milano Magazine Promo

Showcasing a printed product? Milano might be the perfect way to see your product in print. Just add those screenshots and you’ll see a fancy magazine mockup with almost no work.

11. iMock-Up Real Footage Vol 3 Toolkit

The product demos in this showcase frequently help you bring your product to life in the real world without having to press record, and iMock-Up is a perfect example of that. Just add your own app recordings and you’ll see it carefully composited into the real world, no technical skills required.

12. Laptop Web / App Presentation

If you want your potential customer to picture using the app or product on a laptop, this is a great choice. With a slick and minimalist CG mockup, just drop your own app screenshots or demo into the project and you’ll see it animated in.

13. Website Presentation

Showcase your website demo thanks to the Website Presentation project. This might be the ideal product demo for web design firms or creative agencies, as it helps your client visualize a perfect site redesign.

14. Clean App Promo

Here’s another great way to view an app demo in high fidelity. With no plugs required and easy image placeholders, the Clean App promo is the perfect choice to showcase what you’ve been working on.

More Easy After Effects Projects

Outside of product demos, Envato Market has a wealth of After Effects projects for a

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V > 17-10-2020, 05:40 | Category: after effects project » Product Promo

Phone X // App Promo Kit v4 20716659 Videohive — Free After Effects Template

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 | No plugins | 1920×1080 | 67 MB

Phone X App Promo is a great tool for displaying your app, website, advertising your product or anything else in a professional way. Promote your application in brand new glassy phone

V > 6-08-2020, 03:46 | Category: after effects project » Product Promo

Hand Explainer Product Commercial Kit v2 15678999 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2020, CC 2020, CC 2020, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 | No plugins | 1920×1080 | 1.2 Gb

V > 29-05-2020, 14:54 | Category: Vip AE Project

Mobile App Website Promotion 20772517 V > Premium After Effects Templates

After Effects CC 2020, CC 2020, CC 2020, CC 2015, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4 | No Plugins | 3840×2160 | 80 Mb

“The Mobile App / Website Promotion” is a cool simple and elegant template with stop motion animation style made specially for anyone who wants a cool template to display and present here mobile app, website ore commerce in easy, elegant and attractive mode. all work was done in after effects, this template based on 6 scenes, you can use each one separately. no plugins required, 3 different promo included, iOS, Android and mix with both iOS and android using the latest mobile in the market iPhone x and Samsung S8 a useful expression control will help you to change easy with one click all colors, It’s perfect for any type of app and game with portrait design spatially for fashion, kids, sport, health,

V > 20-04-2020, 08:09 | Category: Vip AE Project

Mobile App Promotion 20968349 V > Premium After Effects Templates

After Effects CC 2020, CC 2020, CC 2020, CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 | No Plugins | 3840×2160 | 162 Mb

“The Mobile App Promotion” Android Mobile App Promotion is a cool After Effects template that’s been created for anyone who wants a stylish way to promote and advertise their new mobile phone application or company website. It’s so easy to use, simply change the text, drag and drop in your new media and hit render. Quickly style it to your own brand, using the intelligent color controllers. A neat intro or opener to your corporate presentations, business slideshows, promotions, upcoming events and online marketing videos. 3 different promo included, iOS, Android and mix with both iOS and android using the latest mobile in the market iPhone x and Samsung Galaxy S8, It’s perfect for any type of app and game with portrait design spatially for fashion, kids, sport, health, Impress your audience with this up to date and dynamically animated AE template.

[Special thank to contributor]

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Ultimate App Promo Toolkit Videohive — Free Download After Effects Project

After Effects Version CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC, CC 2014 | 1920×1080 | No Plugin Require | 3 Gb

The Ultimate App Promo Toolkit is a complete app promo kit for both android and ios devices! You just released your new app and want to make it stand out. Choose the Ultimate App Promo toolkit and create your unique app promo presentation!

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The7 — App Presentation Kit 18359237 Videohive — Free After Effects Template

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 | No plugins | 1920×1080 | 1.27 GB

The7 – App Promo Kit is an After Effects Template. It is great for your Application Promo/Presentation/Explainer

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Small Business Marketing Explainer 19535919 Videohive — Free After Effects Template

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 | No Plugin | 1920×1080 | 123 MB

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Progressive Hologram Technologies 5906867 Videohive — Free After Effects Template

After Effects Version CS6, CS5.5, CS5 | No plugins | 1280×720 | 377 MB

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App Promo V >Free After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 | No Plugins | 1920×1080 | 186 Mb

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Online Marketing Agency Videohive — Free Download After Effects Template

After Effects Version CS6, CC, CC 2014 | 1920×1080 | No plugins required | 88 mb

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Flat Mock App Commercial 14152325 V > Premium After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5 | No plugins | Resizable | 706 MB

High quality native 4K and HD template with exact dimensions of the latest iPhone and iPad devices. Your video presentation will look dynamic, interactive, catchy and appealing with this Parallax effect. Just place your App/Web screens and hit Render!


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Flat Phone 7 Application Animated Presentation 13831381 V > Premium After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 | No plugins | 1920×1080 | 2 MB


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App Promo Toolkit 11582449 V >Template

After Effects Version CS6, CC, CC 2014 | 1920×1080 | No Plugin | 3.1 Gb

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Global Digital World 20497521 Videohive — Free After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CS6 | 1920×1080 | No Plugins | 26 Mb

This is modern motion graphics in a linear style for illustrating the concept of social media, the global digital world and communications.
Good for illustrating media, social and global Internet projects.
All colors and Text inside the animation are Editable.

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Android Mock-Up 19591922 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5 | 1920×1080 | No plugins | 397 Mb

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Flat Logo — Responsive Design Corporate App 7043820 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4 | 1920×1080 | No Plugins | 8 MB

User Interface becoming more flat and simple in whole media and is demanded to be responsive. This is becoming trend and is very effective also eye appealing. Commonly known as minimalism, or minimal design. Show this minimal responsive app logotype intro on Computer(mac/pc), Notebook(laptop), iTab or iPhone as opener for your service!

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Sempli — Animated Devices Mockup Bundle 19134452 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 | No Plugins | 1920×1080 | 760 Mb

Sempli is animated mockup kit. Great collection of smooth animated and beautifully rendered phones and laptops.

We included also 10 animated templates of mobile interface transitions.

Sempli is simple. Work with Aftereffects without plugins and it’s very easy to use, just paste your artwork inside a Placeholder comp – it’s done!

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Phone 7 Mockup Video Kit 19592813 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 | Element 3D v2 | 1920×1080 | 252 Mb

Phone 7 Mockup Video Kit – it’s new template for After Effects that help you to create your own video in a few clicks with the help of the powerfull tool ELEMENT 3D V2. Each scene have own controls that can help you combine different effects (Color, Ligthing, Shadows, Reflections, Background). All this created with the help of the After Effects!Phone 7 Mockup Video Kit create a modern and fashon atmosphere for your video, slideshow, presentation, showreel and others projects. You can easely make your style and impress all viewers.

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Living Photos Mobile Mockup 19151201 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 | No Plugin | 1920×1080 | 1.3 Gb

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Multipurpose Apps Promo for Tablet 19319344 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5 | No plug-ins | 1920×1080 | 2.3 Gb

The template all in one, easy way of creating a great presentation of your app for App Store, youtube, website, TV. Includes 21 animated mock-ups apple iPad and 35 ready animated scenes that you can combine to get the exact presentation as you want. You can choose colors by one click, from the prepared palette or set yours for the whole presentation. This template is the result of hundreds of hours works and every shot has high quality! The project is easy to customize and edit to suit your requirements, position of devices, durations, etc.. All presentation divided by separate compositions and can be easy arranged in time. Just add the description, screen record, features and your application presentation is ready.

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Home Footage Mobile Mockup 19169905 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 | No Plugins | 1920×1080 | 2.2 Gb

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Cafe Restaurant Footage Mobile Mockup 19265104 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 | No Plugins | 1920×1080 | 2.2 Gb

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Spirit App Presentation Kit 18564252 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 | No plugins | 1920×1080 | 393 Mb

Spirit App Presentation Kit is an After Effects Template suitable for your Applicatrion promotional needs.

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Wire App Theme Promo 18681251 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5 | No plugins | 3840×2160 | 700 Mb

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Mobile App Promo Pack 11418020 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CS6 | Optical Flares, Trapcode Form | 1920×1080 | 410 Mb

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Modular App Promo 17952515 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Templates

After Effects Version CC 2015, CC 2014, CC, CS6 | No plugins | 1920×1080 | 905 Mb

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Videohive 2020 Mobile Phones Technology — After Effects Project
After Effects CS4, CS5 | 1920×1080 | 318 Mb

100% After Effects
You can change everything very easily
Required 1 additional plug-in. It’s a free plug-in & link is in the help file
Editable with After Effects CS4 or CS5
1920×1080 25fps Full HD
The audio file not included. You can purchase it from here.
Video Tutorial Included

Touch Screen Finger Gestures HD — Stock Footage (V > 2-10-2020, 12:12 | Category: Stock Footage » Industrial

Touch Screen Finger Gestures HD 1054350 — Stock Footage (Videohive)

Alpha Channel No | Video Encoding PNG Quicktime | 1920×1080 | 245 Mb

A finger taps and swipes numerous times to simulate interacting with a mobile device. Fully keyed out with an alpha channel. Many different options of swipes and taps and pinches and pulls so you have a lot of flexibility.

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iTheme | Web App Mock-Up Footage 16396040 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Template

After Effects Version CS5 — CC 2015 | 1920×1080 | 2 June 2020 | No plugins | video tutorial | 1.19 Gb

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Colorful App Promo 15229229 Videohive — Free Download After Effects Template

After Effects Version CS5 — CC 2015 | 1920×1080 | 16 May 16 | No plugins | 603MB

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Immersive Media System.

Matterport Basics

Q: What is a Matterport Space?

A Matterport space is a complete, three-dimensional representation of a real-world location created from 2D (RGB) imagery and 3D data from a Matterport camera or one of our supported third-party 360 cameras. A Matterport space can be navigated on a desktop or mobile web browser, and in virtual reality through a Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, or Google Daydream.

Combined with seamless hosting and our web player called 3D Showcase, Matterport Spaces create a complete 3D media ecosystem for businesses to leverage 3D models of real places for many purposes — property marketing, construction, facilities management, and news/entertainment.

Q: What is the Matterport 3D Media Platform?

The Matterport 3D Media Platform is a full-stack, end-to-end 3D content creation and distribution platform. It enables anyone to easily capture, edit, and share 3D models of real-world places.

Our platform includes the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera ($3395) and Matterport Cloud service plan (starting at $9.99/month). With a Matterport Cloud subscription, you get access to:

  • Powerful 3D data processing pipeline
  • Tools to enhance, embellish, and enrich your Matterport Space (Workshop)
  • Matterport Capture app for iPad (to scan with your Matterport or third-party 360 Camera)
  • Fully hosted, embeddable web player (3D Showcase)
  • Offline access to all of your Spaces via 3D Showcase for iOS
  • Additional services like 2D Schematic Floor Plans ($14.99/Space), virtual reality, and more!

You can still experience Matterport Spaces on web or mobile without a camera or cloud plan:

  • Our public gallery of 3D and virtual reality Spaces (VR compatible with Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and WebVR-ready browsers).
  • 3D Showcase for iOS (explore public Spaces offline in a native iOS app)

Q: What is the Matterport Cloud?

The Matterport Cloud is a powerful platform for processing 2D and 3D data into interactive 3D environments, hosting/editing/organizing your Spaces, and sharing them with the world.

By subscribing to a Matterport Cloud Plan, you get access to:

  • Powerful vision processing algorithm that takes care of everything from 3D alignment to white balancing
  • Fast, reliable hosting so your Spaces are available anywhere and load quickly, even on mobile devices
  • 3D Showcase web player, constantly updated with enhanced features and kept compatible with all major browsers
  • Workshop editor to refine your Spaces, add tags and labels, create guided tours, and collect 2D snapshots for galleries
  • Cloud account and Space management portal to manage users and privacy

For a complete system overview, see the Matterport Cloud User Guide.

Q: Do I get any other assets from my 3D Space?

Depending on your needs, you can use a 3D Space to generate 2D print and digital photography, video, and more.

If you’re familiar with 3D modeling software, you can also download an OBJ file with the 2D/3D data. Construction and engineering customers can also export colored, registered point clouds and reflected ceiling plans through the Matterpak.

Q: What happens when you release new features or functionality? Will I have to upgrade?

We are always working on new innovations and advancements to help our customers get greater value from our platform and their Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. These can be innovations in hardware (the technology of capturing a location) or software (processing the raw data into a useful, realistic 3D Space).

By offering a SaaS (software as a service) solution, we can make frequent updates to the infrastructure and code that benefits all of our customers, with little customer action at all. With a SaaS solution, Matterport can make new features and bug fixes available to everyone without having customers go through an upgrade process. New features and functionality are frequently backwards-compatible with Matterport Spaces that you have already created.

Q: How do I get a Matterport Space? What if I don’t want to scan it myself?

There are two ways that anyone can start generating immersive 3D content with Matterport.

1) You can either purchase a Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Cloud Plan and create and manage your own content (a great solution if you’re creating many Spaces, manage many properties, or want to provide scanning as a service)

2) You can hire a local Matterport Service Partner to scan locations for you. We do not set pricing for our Service Partner Network. Members typically charge based on square footage and local market rates for visual media. Fill out this form to get an obligation-free quote >

The ideal solution depends on your use case — and we’re happy to help you decide! Reach out >

Q: How much do Matterport Service Partners charge for a scan?

Matterport Service Partners are third-party companies who independently charge their own rates based on their local markets. To be connected with a local Matterport Service Partner, please fill out this form.

Q: Does the Pro2 3D Camera have a warranty?

The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera has a warranty for one year under normal use. For warranty details, please refer to the Terms of Sale.

3D Scanning

Q: How do I create a Matterport Space?

Creating a Matterport Space is easy with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera:

  1. Mount the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera on a tripod. Connect your iPad to the camera’s internal WiFi network.
  2. In the Capture app on the iPad, press Scan. The camera will automatically rotate 360 degrees. Each scan takes about 60 seconds to complete. This includes scan, transfer, and alignment.
  3. When the scan is complete, you’ll see a top-down preview in the app. This shows you what you’ve already scanned. Black areas are places you should scan more to “fill in” the 3D data.
  4. Once you’ve scanned the entire property, connect your iPad to the internet and upload to Matterport Cloud for processing.
  5. In a few hours, your complete, immersive 3D Space will be in your account, ready to edit (set Start Position, add Mattertag ™ Posts, create a Highlight Reel, etc). You can also share it by embedding on your website, sharing a URL to social channels, or share on your MLS, or send to your colleagues directly.

Learn more about how to scan your first model.

Q: Do I need special training to use the Pro2 3D Camera?

No! You do not need to be a professional photographer or technician to use it — the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera is designed to be easy to use for all.

Learn how to use the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera with ten easy steps or watch an easy how to scan video.

Q: Is special lighting required?

Unlike typical photography, no special lighting is required with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera. We use high dynamic range (HDR) to balance light levels so the Space looks balanced and consistent.

Our completely automated vision processing pipeline also performs white balancing, color correction, and automatic panorama stitching so no image post-processing is required on your part.

Q: Can I capture outdoor areas?

The Matterport Pro2 3D can capture exterior areas with 360° Views. 360° Views are spherical 2D panorama images that users can view in all different directions. 360° Views can be seen through 3D Showcase along with the rest of your 3D Space. However, a 360º View is not aligned like a normal scan.

Because direct sunlight can interfere with a normal 3D Scan, we recommend using 360° Views for outdoor or sunny areas. Learn more about 360° Views.

Creating 3D Scans while outside (such as creating a path to a guest house) is not supported. However, some Matterport users have had success scanning gardens and patios when there is no direct sunlight (such as at dawn or dusk). Learn more.

Q: How much iPhone or iPad storage is required to scan a typical property?

A typical residential house takes about 50 scans and 450 MB of space on your iPhone/iPad. Once a scan job is uploaded to our servers for processing, you can delete it from your iPhone/iPad. However, we recommend keeping the scan data as long as possible in case you need to add scans or change markings and then reupload.

We recommend you use the biggest iPhone iPad (most amount of storage) that you can.

Learn more about which iPhone and iPad models we support.

Q: In addition to the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera and Matterport Cloud service plan, what other equipment will I need?

To operate the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, you will need a supported iPhone or iPad with enough storage for all the models you create.

You will also need a tripod suitable to hold 10 lb (4.5 kg), and a compatible quick release clamp (the camera comes with a built-in quick release plate).

We also recommend a camera carrying bag, but it is not required.

Learn more about necessary equipment.

Q: How long does it take to scan a typical home?

On average, it takes about 38 minutes to scan a typical 2,000 square feet (186 meters squared) single-family home with the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera.

Scan time can vary based on (1) the complexity of the property and (2) your intended use of the 3D space. Both of these factors influence how many scans you should take, which in turn means how long you spend on-site.

For example, heavily occluded spaces like MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) rooms require more dense scanning to gather lots of 3D data. Wide open commercial real estate spaces like an empty factory take less scans, but require different scanning techniques to capture well.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of scans in a Space? What is the maximum scannable property size?

Matterport models up to 200 scans can be processed successfully. This is more than enough for most residential properties — 200 scans can typically cover about 10,000 square feet (930 meters squared).

Models larger than 200 scans can be uploaded, but are not guaranteed to process successfully. Learn more.

For large properties (such as multiple floors of a commercial building) divide into regions and create a separate Matterport model for each region. Then link the regions together to create a cohesive navigation experience. Learn more.

For billing purposes, a Standard Space consists of 3 to 100 scans (including 360º Views), and costs $19 to process. You are charged only after you have used up your free monthly processing credit. Matterport Spaces that are 101+ scans (including 360˚ Views) cost $38 to process. However, they are counted as single Spaces for hosting purposes. Learn more.

Q: How do I know where to place the Camera? How far apart should scan positions be?

Scan positions are generally 5 to 8 ft (1.5 m to 2.5 m) apart and within a line-of-sight of a previous scan.

Learn how to scan in 10 steps.

Learn more about best practices when scanning.

Q: Do I need to stitch the panoramas together when I’m finished scanning?

No! Unlike 360º photospheres which require manual alignment and manual measurements to create a complete walkthrough experience, Matterport is a completely automated system.

Because we capture real 3D data in addition to 2D photography, we are able to create a complete, finished 3D Space without any manual work at all. This is a quantum breakthrough in 3D capture technology, and sets us apart from “virtual tour” technology based on 2D photography alone.

Q: Can I use Matterport Spaces in CAD software like Revit ® or Recap ™ ?

Yes! You can download an industry-standard OBJ file from any Space. This contains both the 3D mesh and textures from the space.

If you are using your 3D data for modeling, you can also retrieve a colored point cloud generated from your 2D and 3D data.

AR Showcase

AR Showcase presents objects and products through Augmented Reality.

AR Showcase is an innovative mobile App that presents objects and products through Augmented Reality.

Imagine that you always have an entire catalogue of models that you can examine and see in the surrounding environment through the screen of your device: you can interact with 3D models by activating special functions such as animations, materials selection, technical notes, transparencies, etc.

Hadar Showcase App

Разработчик: MOCA Platform (8)
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Hadar’s showcase app is a companion app for demonstrating and testing contextualized mobile campaigns using MOCA, the most advanced location intelligence and marketing platform for apps.

With MOCA, Shopping Malls can get location insights and influence their customer behavior in real life by connecting web, mobile and physical stores.

For more information visit mocaplatform.com

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В AppAgg для уточнения поиска можно использовать специальные слова и символы, называемые поисковыми операторами. Чтобы максимально сузить результаты, в поле поиска можно вводить несколько операторов сразу. Перечень поисковых операторов:

HTML5 Website Showcase: 48 Potential Flash-Killing Demos

So you’ve heard all rumors about HTML5 would take over Adobe Flash. While most web community argues that it’s possible or not, you must be wandering what makes HTML5 so powerful that even giant company Apple wants to use it to replace Flash.

That’s why this post exists, we’re not going to talk about what HTML5 can do, but show live demos of magical things that HTML5 can achieve with other language like JavaScript, so get ready to be inspired.

Note: As HTML5 is not fully supported by certain web browser like Internet Explorer, you’re strongly recommended to use Firefox browser to view all HTML5 demos below.


The HTML5’s canvas element is the deciding factor for HTML5 to replace certain Flash animation. It allows you to build dynamic, scriptable rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images with Javascript, which by other mean is, controllable animation.

Audioburst Animation

A comfortable and fantastic animation created with HTML5’s canvas and audio tag.

Ball Pool

Being showcased in the last Google I/O event, this demo shows you how dynamic can HTML5 be.

Blob Sallad

A HTML5-spawned creature that would please you.


With Bomomo, you can observe different atomic movement simulated with HTML5.

Browser Ball

Get amazed with this ‘cross-browser’ HTML5 ball.


Have fun by create endless floating bubbles with different color.

Canvas Cartoon Animation

A simple and funny HTML5 cartoon that helps you to understand what HTML5’s canvas element can do.


A nice, customizable analog clock built by HTML5 and JavaScript.

Flickr PS3 Slideshow

View your Flickr’s photos with PS3 style slideshow in the web browser.

Interactive Polaroid

An interactive demo that works pretty similar to multi touch interface.

JS Fireworks

Enjoy the fireworks moment with your preferred gravity and speed, powered by HTML5 and Javascript.


A very beatiful and futuristic HTML5 kaleidoscope.

Liquid Particles

Sensitive particle animation that reacts based upon your mouse movement.


Another sensitive and outstanding HTML5 demo that shows how nearby elements react with you mouse movement.

Nebula Cloud

Get lost with this wondrous HTML5 nebula.


View all 2D shapes in parallel perspective.

Particle Animation

An elegant HTML5 particle animation that can form into your preferred message.


Get lost with this endless spread animation.


A very cool HTML5 starfield animation that would change direction and speed based on your mouse movement.

Video Destruction

One click to boom a playing video.


Observe how HTML5’s canvas wave moves by altering its amplitude, wavelength, width, etc.

3D Effect

Impressed by canvas animation? That’s more HTML5’s canvas element can do, and it’s called 3D effect. Developer can rely on canvas element, DOM and JavaScript to create 3D effect, which can later be developed into 3D animation or game.

Canvas3D and Flickr

Have a whole new 3D experience with Flickr’s photostream.

Cloth Simulation

A realistic, HTML5-based cloth simulation.

Evolving Monster

Observe a monster evolving into a complicated creature, one of its creator is HTML5.

Google Giftbox

Giant search engine Google is presented in 3D, playable view.

JS Touch

A high quality and realistic ‘3D on 2D Canvas’ showcase.

Data Presentation

While HTML5’s canvas element can be used to create animation and 3D effect, it can also be implemented to present mathematical data.


Gnuplot, a data plotting application in HTML5 version.


RGraph provides a wide range of data presentation like bar chart, progress bar and traditional radar chart.

Web Application

Ultimately, using all possibilities combined by HTML5 and other langauge, one can create interactive application or game that’s close to Flash application.


Witness the brother of Microsoft Paint comes into your web browser, and his father is HTML5.


A scientific application which is built to help you to understand certain earth element’s structure.

Cartoon Builder

Draw interesting cartoon image with this minimal and interactive cartoon builder.

Drag Anything Here

Drag anything you can drag in the demo to show details.

Gartic Sketch

An original HTML5 application that allows you to make some basic drawings that can be saved into different image format like jpeg or png.


Draw whatever you like and see how they react with simulated gravity.


A powerful HTML5 drawing application that enables you to draw and edit your image in the precise manner.


A web application that confirms geographical position of weather-related message acquired from Twitter, thus forming them into a canvas-based ‘social weather’ map, quite trivial (as stated by author) but interesting.


You would never get bored if you can keep evading hundreds of HTML5 bullets in next second.


Rebound the ball to break all bricks.


Not quite a game, but it demonstrates how HTML5 can be used to develop First Person Shooting browser game.

Catch It

How many balls can you dodge to get your winning HTML5 square?

Chain Reaction

Chain the explosion to achieve the goal, don’t get addicted.


Play Tetris in 3D, top-down view.


Draw item to move the ball to the star, don’t forget about the gravity.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Click, rotate and drop puzzle pieces to solve this HTML5-based jigsaw puzzle.

Slide Puzzle

Slide to the victory, another HTML5 game that’s built to squeeze your mind juice.

Same Game

Remove certain group to get another group paired in same color and you would eventually be awarded a victory.


One of the most classic game brought back to life by HTML5.


Yet another Tetris game in pseudo-3D version.


What is the limitation of HTML5? At this point we cannot decide, but with the impressive video below we can know how far the HTML5 has been pushed:

Yes, it’s Quake II in web browser, so now it’s very clear that with HTML5, more groundbreaking web application would be born to serve billions of internet users. It’s fast, it’s evolving, and it’s changing the world wide web. The question is, how would you use this game-changing HTML5?

We do like to hear your idea!

150 Amazing Examples of CSS Animation & Effects

We have put together a smart collection of cool CSS effects to help you learn the nitty-gritty details so that you can use it to create more beautiful web sites. Enjoy!

Unlimited Downloads: 500,000+ Fonts, Stock Photos, Themes & Design Assets

1. Swatch Book Tutorial with CSS3 & jQuery [Demo]

2. 3D Thumbnail Hover Effects [Demo]

3. Stunning Menu Tutorial in CSS3 [Demo]

4. Collection of Cool CSS Hover Effects

This awesome website consists of more than 100 different CSS effects like 2D transitions, background transitions, icon CSS effects, border transitions, shadow and glow transitions, speech bubble CSS effects, and cool CSS curl effects. Check it out!

5. Collection of CSS Animation Examples

You will find more than 50 CSS animation examples on this simple website. Text CSS animation effects like bouncing, fading, flipper, zoom entrances, and more.

6. Mastering CSS3 Multiple Backgrounds

7. Custom Drop-Down List Styling [Demo]

8. Quickly Build a Swish Teaser Page With CSS3 [Demo]

9. Growing Thumbnails Portfolio [Demo]

10. Button Switches with Checkboxes & CSS3 Fanciness [Demo]

11. CSS3 Filters: Altering HTML & Images with Just CSS

12. 3D Flipping Circle with CSS3 & jQuery [Demo]

13. Cool Product Showcase with CSS3 [Demo]

14. CSS-Only Responsive Layout with Smooth Transitions [Demo]

15. Creating an Animated 3D Bouncing Ball with CSS3 Effect [Demo]

16. Making a Page Flip Magazine with turn.js [Demo]

17. Animated 3D Bar Chart with CSS3 [Demo]

18. A Pure CSS3 Cycling Slideshow Effect [Demo]

19. Annotation Overlay Effect with CSS3 Effect [Demo]

20. Create an Interactive Graph Using CSS3 & jQuery [Demo]

21. Fluid CSS3 Slideshow with Parallax Effect [Demo]

22. Create a Sticky Note Effect with CSS3 & HTML5 [Demo]

23. Animated Content Tabs with CSS3 [Demo]

24. Swishy CSS3 Navigation Effect [Demo]

25. Rotating Words with CSS Animation Examples [Demo]

26. Create an Accordion Menu in Pure CSS3 [Demo]

27. Login & Registration Form with HTML5 & CSS3 [Demo]

28. An Introduction to the CSS Flexbox Module [Demo]

29. Responsive Content Navigator with CSS3 [Demo]

30. Recreating the IBM Lotusphere Logo in CSS3 [Demo]

31. Apple-like Login Form with CSS 3D Transforms [Demo]

32. CSS3 Dropdown Menu Tutorial [Demo]

33. Original Hover Effects with CSS3 [Demo]

34. CSS3 Menu Navigation Effect [Demo]

35. CSS3 with jQuery Reverse Animation [Demo]

36. CSS3 Progress Bars [Demo]

37. PHP & CSS3 Powered About Page [Demo]

38. Create a Beautiful Icon with CSS3 [Demo]

39. Create 3D Ribbons Using CSS3 [Demo]

40. Create an Upload Form Using CSS3, HTML5 & jQuery [Demo]

41. Create an Video Player with jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3 [Demo]

42. Master the New CSS Layout Properties [Demo]

43. Image Accordion with CSS3 [Demo]

44. Modern Lightbox with CSS3 & JavaScript [Demo

45. Create a CSS Password Strength Meter [Demo]

46. Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery & CSS3 [Demo]

47. The Facebook Loading Animation [Demo]

48. CSS3 Clock With jQuery

Use the basic features of CSS3 Transform: rotate. And the combination of Javascript frameworks like jQuery can produce a cool CSS3 clock.

49. Analogue Clock CSS Effect

Analogue clock created using webkit transition and transform CSS. JavaScript is only used to pull in the current time.

50. 3D Cube That Rotates Using Arrow Keys

You can use up, down, left, and right keys to navigate the 3D cube. This 3D cube is built using -webkit-perspective, -webkit-transform and -webkit-transition.

51. Multiple 3D Cubes (Slide In/Out) CSS Effect

Multiple 3D Cubes using CSS3 and proprietary “transform” and “transition” properties. I thought it was amazing. You can see the writing on the 3D object.

52. CSS3 Accordion Tutorial

An accordion effect using only CSS. Proprietary animation in WebKit based browsers.

53. Auto-Scrolling Parallax CSS Animation Effect

Auto-Scrolling Parallax is an animated parallax effect using WebKit’s CSS transition property, no need for JavaScript.

54. Isocube Image CSS Effect

Isocube is like 3DCube but a little different. Isocube can load images on one side.

56. Matrix

The Matrix is one of the best sci-fi films of all time. CSS3 capable of making such an amazing animated film made

57. 7 Javascript-Effect Alternatives Using CSS3

Seven examples of alternatives to the Javascript effect using CSS3. Various effects such as Fade Block, Block Pulsate, Nudge, Expand Block, Block Bounce, Spin Block, and Accordion are covered here.

58. Image Hover Effects

Image Hover Effects is an example of using CSS to replace Javascript. The image will shrink when you put your mouse pointer on top of it.

59. Turning Coke Can (Control With Scrollbar)

60. 3D Meninas

Polaroid Gallery is animated pile of photographs utilizing a ton of new CSS3 commands. It’s interesting to watch: when your mouse cursor is above an image, it will enlarge.

62. Space

63. CSS Mac Dock

Take a list of links and change them into an OS X icon dock. It’s nothing short of amazing.

64. Drop-In Modals

With CSS3 effects and property Drop In Modals, you can make quick animations and subtle design cues.

65. Sliding Vinyl

The vinyl effect can be created by using CSS3 transitions and a little HTML. This can make for a standard album cover with an eye-catching style

66. Zooming Polaroids in CSS3

Polaroids lets you display images in boxes that are shuffled and spun as though lying in a pile. It relies on CSS3 techniques to create. You can also insert text and an alt attribute.

67. Animated Rocket CSS Tutorial

Animated Rocket uses CSS effects to transform the appearance of an element in the browser, by moving, rotating, or through other means.

68. Poster Circle

Poster Circle. is an animated spinning column consisting of a row of colored boxes and text . The overall effect is cool and undeniably dizzying.

69. Morphing Cubes

Morphing Cubes can be used to display your most interesting content using 3D transformations, animations, and transitions.

This is the example of another Polaroid Gallery. Piles of images appear at random and when the cursor hovers over an image, it enlarges.

71. Spotlight Cast Shadow CSS Effect

When the cursor moves, it’s like a lamp spotlight leading up to the writing and casts a shadow.

72. Colorful Clock

Colorful Clock is a colorful jQuery & CSS3 effect for creating countdowns or timers.

Lightbox Gallery is an awesome image gallery which leverages the latest CSS3 and jQuery techniques. Lightbox Gallery uses jQuery, jQuery UI (for the drag and drop) and the fancybox jQuery plugin for lightbox display capability in addition to PHP and CSS for interactivity and styling.

74. Elastic Thumbnail Menu

Elastic Thumbnail Menu is an alternative method for smoothing the menu, in particular by increasing the menu items when the mouse is hovering over it.

75. Coverflow CSS Animation Example

This animation mimics Apple’s style and combines CSS transformations and jQueryUI. This one truly animates between two half states, resulting in a slider like that featured in iTunes.

76. jQuery DJ Hero

DJ Hero uses an interesting combination of CSS3 with jQuery. You can use on-screen controls to control the pace.

77. Dynamic Stacking Cards

This effect features a dynamic stack of index cards that simply use HTML and CSS3 features such as change and transition (for the dynamic effects) and the @ font-face, box-shadow and border-radius (for styling).

This is an example of another image gallery that uses the CSS3 transforms property and property transitions.

79. Snow Stack (Control With Arrow Keys)

80. Animated Pricing Column

CSS3 animation can also be used in the package list price of a product. Animated Column Pricing can be applied in such cases.

81. Slick jQuery Menu

Slick jQuery Menu is achieved through a combination of CSS3 and jQuery.

82. CSS Tabs Without Javascript

83. Tab Menus Without Javascript

84. SVG Fisheye Menu

CSS animation can animate almost any property on the item and do funny things, such as rotate and tilt.

85. Falling Leaves

Like Autumn. Animated falling leaves are made using CSS3.

This is an image gallery with a rotating build with CSS transform transitions and CSS features. To see the effects of rotation, click the small image

87. Dropdown Menu

Dropdown Menu is a very nice navigation menu made using the CSS3 transition property.

88. Star Wars Crawl

Star Wars opening crawl, using only HTML & CSS. It only works in Snow Leopard in Safari 4.0.4 and the WebKit.

89. Sticky Notes

90. Snowflakes

91. Another Fisheye CSS Effect

This is another fisheye that uses CSS3.

92. Frame-by-Frame Animation

The first demonstration requires you to keep clicking the image to see the next frame, and it wraps around to the start when you reach the last frame. The second demonstration just needs you to keep the mouse moving over the image in MOST browsers. But the BIG drawback to this method is that the speed of movement of the mouse governs the speed of animation.

93. AT-AT Walker

This AT-AT Walker is not flash-based but only CSS3. Amazing!

94. Another Accordion

95. Dynamic Presentation Without Flash in CSS

96. Smoothie Slider Menu

97. Magic Animation CSS Effects

50 Powerful CSS3 Effect Tutorials

Now that most browsers support the majority of the features CSS3 offers, it’s important for developers to catch up and be aware of the power of CSS3. Photoshop and JavaScript are slowly losing their significance because it’s become possible to echo the same results with just a few lines of code easier and faster than ever.

The techniques that were new a year ago have become standard now. CSS3 is evolving fast and for that reason we’ve prepared 50 cool CSS3 tutorials.

CSS Typography Text Effects

1. Rotating Words with CSS Animations

The idea in this tutorial is to rotate a part of a sentence. You’ll be “exchanging” certain words of that sentence using CSS animations.

2. Texturize web type with CSS

In this tutorial you’ll walk through texturizing type from scratch – beginning with basic HTML and CSS, then creating a semi-transparent texture in Photoshop and implementing it on some headline text within a web page. You’ll finish it off by adding some extra CSS and JavaScript love.

3. Arctext.js – Curving Text with CSS3 and jQuery

While CSS3 allows us to rotate letters, it is quite complicated to arrange each letter along a curved path. Arctext.js is a jQuery plugin that let’s you do exactly that. Based on Lettering.js, it calculates the right rotation of each letter and distributes the letters equally across the imaginary arc of the given radius. This is not a tutorial but you can play with the plugin, break it down and learn new techniques.

4. How To Add Text Gradients With CSS

In this tutorial you are going to look at some of the new CSS3 features for dealing with text colors.

5. Everything You Need To Know About CSS3 Text Shadow Effects

With CSS3, a whole host of text shadow effects are available for us to play with. In this article, you’ll see some of the effects you can make with relatively little CSS code.

6. Add Texture to Your Web Fonts Using a Magic Pill

Implement a subtle texture over text with just a few lines of code.

7. CSS3 Properties to Handle Text and Word Wrapping

The word-wrap property has been removed from the CSS3 spec but other related properties have been added. Find out what they are and how to use them.

CSS Navigation and Sliders

1. Create a CSS3 Dropdown Menu

In this tutorial you will learn how to code a pure CSS3 navigation dropdown menu.

2. Pure CSS3 LavaLamp Menu

You probably have already seen animated menus with the LavaLamp effect (based on jQuery plugin). In this tutorial you’ll learn how to repeat the same behavior using only CSS3.

3. Accordion with CSS3

Using hidden inputs and labels, you will create a CSS-only accordion that will animate the content areas on opening and closing.

4. Responsive Content Navigator with CSS3

This tutorial will show you how to create a content navigator with CSS only. The idea is to have several slides or content layers that will be shown or hidden using the :target pseudo-class.

5. Create a Content Accordion in Pure CSS3

This tutorial will show you how to create a pure CSS3 content accordion. This will work on all browsers and devices that support the :target selector.

6. Page Transitions with CSS3

In the last few years, we’ve seen a lot of single page websites, most of them using JavaScript for some transition effects. This tutorial teaches you how you can have your own, but instead using CSS transitions and the :target property to do all the magic.

7. Image Accordion with CSS3

In this tutorial, you will create an image accordion that will expand an item on click. Using the sibling combinators and a nested structure you can control the opening of the items/slides with radio buttons.

8. A Pure CSS3 Cycling Slideshow

Thanks to CSS3, we can create effects and animations without using JavaScript. We must be careful to avoid abusing CSS3 because old browsers do not support all of its properties. In any case, we all see the potential of CSS3, and this article will discuss how to create an infinitely looping slider of images using only CSS3 animation.

9. Orman Clark’s Vertical Navigation Menu: The CSS3 Version

Recreate Orman Clark’s Vertical Navigation Menu with CSS3 and jQuery while using the minimum amount of images possible.

10. Google Play’s Minimal Tabs with CSS3 & jQuery

In this article you’ll learn how to build some new CSS3 and jQuery tabs inspired by Google Play‘s design.

11. Interactive Menu with CSS3 & jQuery

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create an interactive menu using CSS3 goodness and jQuery’s power.

12. Create a Vertical Accordion Menu using CSS3 Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to create an accordion menu using CSS3. There are many CSS3 accordion tutorials around on the web, this version is using the :target pseudo-class and works on browsers that support the CSS3 properties.

13. Create an Image Slider Using jQuery & CSS3

In this tutorial you will be creating a slider with “Nivo Slider jQuery Script” and CSS3.

14. CSS3 Breadcrumbs

A breadcrumb navigation allow users to know where they are in a hierarchical structure and navigate back to higher-level pages. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create your own cool CSS3 breadcrumbs.

15. Responsive CSS3 Slider

CSS3 Responsive Slider is, as the name implies, a responsive CSS3 slider without Javascript. The actual slider is much like any JavaScript slider. It floats all of the content areas (articles) next to each other. Not a tutorial but you should check out this awesome slider.

Creative CSS Layouts

1. Quickly Build a Swish Teaser Page With CSS3

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a teaser page using just CSS, no images or even a Photoshop design.

2. Timeline Portfolio with CSS3 & jQuery

Timeline is a jQuery plugin specializing in showing a chronological series of events. You can embed all kinds of media including tweets, videos, and maps, and associate them with a date. Learn how to tweak the template with some CSS3 tricks.

3. Impressive Product Showcase with CSS3

A product page is any page on your website that showcases a product. It has to describe its features, have some screenshots, and be descriptive. Learn how to create one with CSS3 and a little touch of jQuery.

4. Stacked Elements with CSS3 Pseudo-Elements

Hopefully you’re familiar with the use of the :before and :after pseudo-elements in order to create some interesting effects with CSS. This tutorial will show you how you can create a simple “stacked” look to some images.

5. CSS3 Pricing Table

This tutorial will teach you how to create this pricing table with the CSS scaling effects. Improve a look of a PSD just by using CSS.

6. Login & Registration Form with HTML5 & CSS3

In this tutorial, you are going to create two HTML5 forms that will switch between login and registration using the CSS3 pseudo class:target.

7. CSS3 Signup Form

If you’re about to launch a new web product or you just need to improve the user experience for an existing web form, then this tutorial is for you.

8. Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery and CSS3

A tutorial on how to create a fullscreen slideshow with a twist: the idea is to slice open the current slide when navigating to the next or previous one. Using jQuery and CSS animations you can create unique slide transitions.

9. Tagtastic Tag Cloud with CSS Transformations

In this tutorial you’ll be creating Premium Pixels’ Tagtastic Tag Cloud. As an experiment in alternative approaches, you’ll create the tags using gradients, shadows, and (most importantly) CSS transforms, which will form the point of each tag. After completion you’ll have to even take a step further and cater for IE.

10. Build a Quick and Elegant Login Form

In this tutorial you’re going to code up Orman Clark’s Elegant Login Form using CSS3 and HTML5, plus some of Dan Eden’s CSS Animations to Embellish the Experience.

11. Create a Video Player in jQuery, HTML5 & CSS3

Create a sleek and functional video player using HTML5 and CSS3.

This tutorial will show you how to create a fancy image gallery with CSS3 transitions. The techniques used are mainly CSS3 transitions combined with CSS :hover pseudo-class.

CSS Tips, Tricks & Techniques

1. Control Image Aspect Ratios with CSS3

Making media display consistently on your site can be a problem, especially with multiple content authors. Opera’s Chris Mills shows you how object-fit and object-position can solve it.

2. Filter Functionality with CSS3

Using the general sibling combinator and the :checked pseudo-class, you can toggle states of other elements by checking a checkbox or a radio button. This tutorial will be exploring those CSS3 properties by creating a experimental portfolio filter that will toggle the states of items of a specific type.

3. Creating an Animated 3D Bouncing Ball with CSS3

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an animated 3D bouncing ball using only CSS3 transitions, animations, and shadow effects.

4. Perfectly Rotate and Mask Thumbnails With CSS3

Have you ever seen a website showcasing image thumbnails that are slightly rotated? It’s a simple effect that adds a layer of visual personality. That said, if you’re not achieving the rotation effect with CSS, you’re working too hard. Learn how to do it right!

5. Transforming Elements in 3D Using CSS3

In this tutorial you will be driven through the basics of rotating in three dimensions and will combine these transforms with the scale and translate transforms for more complex results. You will also add a basic level of interaction to animate the effects as the user interacts with the page.

6. Thumbnail Proximity Effect with jQuery & CSS3

This tutorial will show you how to create a neat thumbnail proximity effect with jQuery. The idea is to scale thumbnails when hovering over them and also scale their neighboring thumbnails proportionally to their distance. You’ll also make a description appear.

7. Tutorial for a CSS3 Animated Hover Effect

This tutorial will show you a quick and easy way to incorporate a shine effect transition to your images with CSS3, useful in making your user interface elements look like they’re a real Polaroid photo.

8. CSS3 Image Styles

Learn how to style the image element with CSS3 inset box-shadow and border-radius so it works for responsive design.

9. Code a Set of Animated App Store Buttons With CSS

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to use some fancy techniques like how to incorporate icon fonts into a design and how to insert objects using pseudo elements.

10. Direction-Aware Hover Effect with CSS3 and jQuery

create a direction-aware hover effect using CSS3 and jQuery. The idea is to slide in an overlay from the direction we are moving with the mouse.

11. Create CSS3 Buttons

In this beginner tutorial you will be making some cool CSS3 buttons.

12. Enhance Required Form Fields with CSS3

Enhance required fields in a form with this little effect. The idea is to allow better visibility for obligatory fields while de-emphasizing optional ones.

13. Animated Twitter Bird

Create an animated bird that animates each time you hover it. This is a very simple CSS3 trick and doesn’t require any advanced knowledge of HTML or CSS.

14. The Multi Column Layout and How it Will Change Web Design

CSS3 Multi Column Module is perhaps one of the most interesting and exciting things that has happened to CSS in a long time. It’s not a gimmick or design trick like box-shadow or animation. It’s a real, tangible device which we can use to make designing websites easier. Check out what it does and see examples.

15. CSS3 Ordered List Styles

In this article you’ll learn how to add some CSS3 fine tuning to your ordered lists, using a semantic approach.

16. Showing Product Information With CSS3 3D Transform

This tutorial will show you how to show product information with cube style using CSS3 3D Transform.

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